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India Post 2012 Vision

How Vision 2012 Helps?
·               100% of post offices computerised/connected
·               IT based products are more attractive to today’s customers
·               Significant revenue growth after Modernisation
·                    Multitude of new/improved products (e.g.e. Governance, Rural ICT, RPLI, cash transfer, SS subsidy)
·               Rural customer transactions will be more secure and less cumbersome
·                    Service Delivery Levels increased substantially thereby providing customer satisfaction
·               India Post Employees proud to be part of growing and vibrant organisation at par with the best in industry in written communication, banking and financial services.

RFP Structuring – Total 8 RFPs

Rural ICT – System Integrator (RSI):

·      Development & Deployment of MGNREGS application, eMO application for RICT Hardware Devices & Deployment of the complete Rural ICT solution including GDS POs’

Rural Hardware (RH):

·      Supply of Rural Hardware devices to Davison Offices for further distribution by Dop to GDS Post Offices, Network Connectivity & support and maintenance during the contract period.

Core System Integrator (CSI):

·      Development of Mail, counter operations (POS) including back office and treasury), F&A, HR, CIM solutions & Data migration, Cross-functional area coordination, Overall integration, centralized 24X7 Service desk operation, call centre and e-commerce

Financial Services System Integrator (FSI):

·      Development of Postal Banking Solution (CBS), Insurance, and Enterprise content management system (ECMS) solution, Data Migration, ATM Switch (Application & Hardware) and O&M support for the period of contract.

Data Centre Facility (DCF):

·      Provide hosting of Primary Data Centre at Mumbai, facility management services, Disaster Recovery Centre at the DoP facility in PTC Mysore and O&M for the period of contract.

Network Integrator (NI):

·      Networking of all of the DoP’s departmental offices, DC and DRC, Network management & operations:

Mail Operations Hardware (MOH):

·      Hardware for Mail offices and departmental postmen handheld device

Change Management Vendor (CM):

·      Change Management for all employees and Capacity Building recommendations

 India Post 2012 will collaboratively drive innovation and fundamentally integrate disparate businesses


Proposed solution will introduce the following

Postal Banking Solution (CBS)
·         Improvements in service level for opening, maintaining and servicing of accounts and certificates.
·         Faster disbursements of wages and other payments
·         New products and services, e.g. National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT), Real Time Gross Transfer (RTGS), bill payments, 3rd party products
·         “Anytime anywhere Banking” through multiple channels, e.g. Internet, ATM and mobile
Mail Operations Solution
·         Accountable mail booking with electronic proof of delivery even at Bos
·         Additional payments modes, e.g. credit and debit card
·         System generate the beat slip, mail list or bag abstract
·         Scanning of all incoming and outgoing mails with intelligent barcodes shall be used for bag tag
HRMS and F&A Solution (ERP)
·         Elimination of data entry duplication between BO/SO and SO/HO
·         Employee self-service for leave, performance and training administration
·         MIS Reports to support Establishment decision making
·         Integrated software solutions for disbursement with online tracking of fund transfers and stricter Audit checks through effective use of MIS
Rural ICT (RICT)
·         Increase rural reach of DoP
·         Provision of Rural ICT devices (netbook/handheld devices) to various BOs
·         Enabling BOs to make social security disbursements such as NREGA

Rural ICT Solution

IT project will deliver a broad set of benefits to stakeholders

-   Dispersed/Disparate processes
-   Financially non-viable/sustainable
-   Considers DoP to be a trusted organization, has been used to expect low customer service (wait times, lost products, etc.)
-   Lack of transparency
-      Satisfaction….better tools and consistent processes
-      Elimination of duplicate date entry at different Post Offices
-      Opportunity to drive revenue/cost alignment
-      Foundation to drive future products/services
-      Rural/Social empowerment….accountability in govt.
-      Real time user ID validations
-      Minimization opportunities of fraud
-      Expedited and reduced errors in processing
-      Transparency in transactions
-      Quick and efficient service
-      Online tracking
-      Service at par with banks with CBS/ATM
-      E-Commerce
-      Social security (cash transfer etc.)

Potential new and future services at Branch Offices

Potential new services possible due to induction of RICT Solution leading to Growth of

Business: Additional Source of revenue for the Department and Income for GDS

New Postal Services
  1.  Mail Services
I.              Booking an delivery of registered and insured articles and MO’s in beat
II.            Speed Post delivery & Booking
  1. Financial Services
I.              Small Savings Scheme—New A/C opening, deposits and withdrawals, RD installment
II.            eMO disbursement and booking
III.           MGNREGS disbursement
IV.          Disbursements of other Social Security schemes
V.           ‘No-Frills’ Bank Account enrolment, Deposits & Operation (as and when it is launched)
  1. Rural Postal Life Insurance
I.              RPLI – enrolment for new accounts,
II.            RPLI renewal premium receipt
III.           RPLI claims
 Other Future Services                 INDICATIVE
1.    Retail Services
i.     Booking and reservation of train ticket & air tickets
ii.            Utility Bill payments-phone/electricity etc.
iii.           Commission/Fee Collection
iv.  e-Commerce(give orders/view commodity rates)
v.            Mutual Fund subscription
vi.  Data collection on behalf of other organisations.
vii.          Phone recharge coupons
viii.        Transactions on behalf of Banks
ix.           Educational information
x.            Sale of application forms, Sale of Books.
xi.           Aadhar cards and similar services
xii.          RGI
2.    UIDAI Enrolment

Benefits for Citizens, GOI and India Post                          

  • Improved customer satisfaction due to faster and more reliable services in postal, logistics, banking, insurance and retail operations;
  • Better visibility of various articles in the mail stream and transparency in financial services such as banking, insurance etc.
  • Multiple channels of access to the customers through post office counters, kiosks, Internet, mobiles ATMs etc;
  • Better financial inclusion for the common man in the rural and semi-urban locations through mobile remittances, mobile banking, mobile insurance etc.
  • Effective and transparent delivery of the social security and employment guarantee schemes by the Government.
  • Availability of a national asset of IT network connecting more than 1,55,000 post offices for use by booth Central and State Governments.
  • Improved quality on the services to the common citizen in remote locations under the USO would enable better social and economic infrastructure;
  • Increasing business in rural postal network would reduce the dependency for financial support on the government;
  • Reduction of manual and paper based processing would lead to greener post office, improving the environmental sustainability of the postal system.
  • Increased revenue through higher market shares in the existing products and services. Introduction of new products and services based on the IT enablement;
  • Better decision making and operational planning due to availability of information in a timely manner like cash transfer, claim and maturity sanction, cash requirement projection for post office.
  • Ease of service for staff and improved service delivery to customers
  • Financials management and target management
  • Staff Management

It is expected that India Post 2012 will help transform Department of Posts into a profit making organization                                   INDICATIVE

India Post Financials (Extrapolated)                                             India Post Financials*, Base Case

2006A-2012E                                                                                (with Vision 2012), 2006A-2012E

INR ‘000 Cr                                                                                   INR ‘000 Cr

Macro Assumptions

§    One stop shop for all financial dealings and communications for the rural population

§    Increased insurance cover availability to the rural populace positively impacting their lives

§    Launch of New Service offerings such as Moneygram, Non-life insurance products, micro finance, and other products

§    Development and implementation of state-of-the-art-technology infrastructure

§    Increase asset utilization across existing extensive infrastructure

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