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Contributory Circle Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sevaks-regarding.

Tele-Fax: 23697701
(Central Head Quarter)
First Floor, Post Office Building, Padamnagar, Delhi 110007
President:                       D.N. Giri
General Secretary         S.S. Mahadevaiah

GDS/CHQ/45/1/2013                                                      Dated: 29.07.2013


Sri L.N. Sharma,
Dy. Director General (Training & Welfare)
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi-110001

Sub:-    Contributory Circle Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sevaks-regarding.

Ref:-     Your letter No. 19-31/2012-WL&Sports dated 12.07.2013.

          The welfare scheme cannot be contributory. It is responsibility of the state to look after the welfare of staff—holders of civil post included. We don’t agree to this contributory scheme replacing the present scheme. However, we shall appreciate the scheme, if it is provided as an additional measure apart from the existing one. 
          With our strong protest to the scheme replacing the present one and treating it as an additional welfare measure, we are offering our para wise views and suggestions is the enclosed Annexure, for improving the provision of scheme.
          We are still to receive feed-back from our Circle and grass root formations and shall be offering further views/suggestions later on. Hence we suggest that the implementation of the scheme may be extended to 1.10.2013 to have wide consideration to make it a perfect scheme.

          With regards,
Yours faithfully

S.S. Mahadevaiah
General Secretary

Copy forwarded to:- All Circle Secretaries and CWC members. They are requested to offer their own suggestion along with those of grass root formations within 20.8.2013 so that we may consolidate the same and submit to the Dte.25.08.2013 

 Enclose:- One Annexure    
Para wise views/suggestions of the All India Postal Extra Departmental Union

Para 1.1       Substitute the nomenclature as “Contributory Circle Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sevaks (CCWF GDS)

Para 2.         Add between the last sentence and penultimate sentence,
“This will be an additional benefit on account of contribution and in addition to the existing welfare measures available under the central welfare fund of the department.

Para 3.         Add at the end “However the cases of substitutes who die on the duty will be considered.

Para 5.         Substitute the clause beginning “on lump…sum Rs. 240 of March with “two six monthly installments in January and July from the TRCA of December and June”.

Para 6.         The date of effect may be deferred to 01.10.2013 to be widely studied.

Para 7.         To make the work less cumbersome me and confusing, the recoveries may be made by the drawing officers from pay bills, and remitted to the Circle fund.

Para 8.1       Delete the words “and recommended and” appearing line 6.

Para 8.4       Since the cases are to be checked and processed by the Managing Committee. The requirement” Clearly giving remarks as recommended or not recommended” is superfluous and hence may be deleted.

Para 9.1       After first sentences add by substituting (.) by (,) ”on the advice of the Managing body”.

Para 9.2       After “two representatives of” and before “staff union” add the word “recognised” and after “staff union of GDS” add “to be nominated by the union to read two representative of recognised staff union of GDS to be nominated by the union”.

Para 10.       Replace the clause “and the appointment orders of the GDS are available” by the clause “and the GDS has exchanged charged report and assumed duty”.

Para 11. (ii)  Complete the sentence ending with nature and delete the remaining portion and add “and equal contribution by the department”.

Para 12.       Substitute the head line as “Contribution by the Government”.
Substitute the para as: “An amount equal to the contribution by the GDS Staff will be contributed by the Government.

Para 13. (iii) At the time of retirement, promotion, resignation or removal of the GDS, if he has not availed any benefit, the entire amount of Contribution will be refunded and interest as earned by the sum will remain with the fund.

Para 14.1     Item 2:        The amount should be Rs. 5,00,000/-
                   Item 3:        It should be Rs. 1,20,000/-
Item 4:        Delete the words “due to accident” appearing at the end of the sentence.
Item 5:        The amount should be Rs. 5000/-
Item 6:        The amount should be Rs. 50,000/-
Item 7:        The amount should be Rs. 10,000/-

Para 14.3     Add at the end “except in certain exceptional cases, such as natural calamities and accidents.

Para 15. (i)  The amounts should appear to be realistic keeping in view the market trend.

Para 15.2     Add between “ Rs. 50,000” and “subject” is second line:”each time”

Para 16.1     Delete the entire para is view of para 13.(iii)

Para 17.       Add at the end; “In case of payment of funeral grant the payment may be ordered by the local controlling authority pending ex—post facto sanction by the competent authority.

Para 19.3     The entire para may be deleted become the present scheme contributory.

Head Line:  Byelaws to the constitution of Gramin Dak Sevaks contributory Circle Welfare Scheme.

Clause 1: Name
                             Add between “Sevaks & Circle” the word “contributory”.

Clause 3.5 (a)       after this clause, add and remember (b) (c), (d) and (e) “in promoted to any departmental Post in which case the contribution made by him shall be refunded provided he has not availed any benefit out of the scheme.

                 (b)       Which will now be (c):- Add at the end by substituting the (.) by (;)
                             “provided that in case he is reinstated on appeal or by court order his membership of the scheme will be restored to him”.

                 (d)       Which will now be (e) substitutes the word thereof “by the clause” which is not satisfactorily explained:
Clause 3.6             Replace “one year” appearing in the third line by “. Three years or the date of alternative job whichever is earlier”.

Clause 4.   (a)       Add at the end ”as determined from time to time”.

                 (d)       Substitute the clause “and grant which may be made” with “the contribution made”

                 (e)       Substitute the existing with:
                             “Accident means an incident due to which hurt or injury is caused to the body which may cause death”.

Clause 5.               The date of effect may be extended to 1.10.2013.

Clause 5.               Substitute the word “what so ever” appearing at the end of the first sentence in second line with “except those as specified in chube 3.

Clause 8.1             Accord between “members” and “and” appearing in the first line: “contribution by the Government”.

Clause 8.4             Replace the portion after “is” appearing the first line with: “two six monthly installments in January and July from TRCA of December and June”.

Clause 9.1             Replace (.) at the end with (;) and add:
                             “unless revised option is exercised consequent on the nominee pre-deceasing”.

Clause 10.             (1) & (II) add between “staff” and union:
                             “recognised” and at the end “nominated by the union”.

Clause 11.1           Add between “relief” and “from” appearing in the third line: on the advice of the Managing Committee”.
Application form

                             Delete the entire portion after “checked” appearing is third line.  

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)
General Secretary

The postal department hopes to parlay its strength—a good network— into a banking venture

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Sad news: AIPEDEU Ex-All India President Com. D. Subramanian met with an Road accident.

Sad news: AIPEDEU Ex-All India President Com. D. Subramanian met with an Road accident.
Com. D. Subramanian, Ex-All India President, met an road accident on 19th. His wife and sister died on the spot. Subramani sustained fatal injuries and is being treated in CMC hospital at Vellore. We deeply mourn the death of his kinds and pray for his speedy recovery.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review the Citizen's/Client's Charter of Department of Posts.

Reconstitution of Postal Services staff Welfare Board for the period from 01.04.2013 to 31.03.2015.

Our Union was accommodated as Co-opted member in Welfare Board

Review the Citizen's/Client's Charter of Department of Posts.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013



A delegation of All India Trade Union Congress and leaders of the All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union, S.S. Mahadevaiah, General Secratary  met the Minister for Communication & Information and Technology, Shri Kapil Sibal, on 23.7.2013 and discussed the following demands:


            The Minister after ascertaining from Secretary (Post) indicated that the matter is still under consideration of the Finance Ministry who had earlier sought some clarifications from Department of Post. Indications are that it is being considered favourably. Department of Post has again recommended favourably. One more letter from the General Secretary, AITUC was given to Minister – letter published in the issue of magazine.


The Minister agreed that Govt. is willing to consider the question of allowing  Gramin Dak Sevaks to make matching contribution to Pension Fund so that quantum of pension may increase 


Applicability of this scheme to Gramin Dak Sevaks is under active consideration and has been referred to govt. for approval. Indications are that about Rs.30,000/- per annum may be invested in the medicare of Gramin Dak Sevaks

Tele-Fax: 23697701

(Central Head Quarter)
First Floor, Post Office Building, Padamnagar, Delhi 110007
President:               D.N. Giri
General Secretary     S.S. Mahadevaiah

GDS/CHQ/4/2/2013                         Dated: 23.07.2013


Sri Kapil Sibbal,

Hon'ble Minister of Communications & I.T.

Government of India,

Electronic Niketan,  CGO Complex,

 New Delhi-110003


Respected Sir,

Most respectfully we are submitting herewith a memorandum on most urgent and pressing problems of the Gramin Dak Sevak employees for your kind perusal.

The Department of Posts is the only department of the Government of India where there is a special category of employees working called Gramin Dak Sevaks. In fact the Gramin Dak Sevaks are the backbone of the postal department. The postal functions rendered at the nook and corner villages of the country covering 74% of population by the Gramin Dak Sevaks are of high order and quality. Almost every postal service i.e. M.N.R.E.G.S., Postal Life Insurance ( P.L.I/R.P.L.I) old age pension is provided in one or the other way at the Branch offices manned by the Gramin Dak Sevaks. The GDS officials are working more than ten hours a day to serve effectively to the villagers. But they are getting wages only for three to five hours work. Unfortunately, most of the facilities granted by the department to the departmental employees are denied to these low paid poor employees where as the duties, services, functions, risks and responsibilities of the G.D.S employees are similar and equal to those of departmental employees.  Unlike other Bureaucratic committees, the independent committee headed by a retired Justice Charanjit Talwar had studied the service conditions of GDS, traveling length and breadth, and recommended all benefits due at par with Departmental staff but unfortunately the same were not implemented by the then Govt. in 1999.  A few benefits were extended to them, that too with the same tradition of continuing exploitative policies.  In fact the recommendations were based on rational and justified reasoning!  

Central working committee of AIPEDEU was held at an historical and Holy place Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi, Ananthapur District in Andhra Pradesh, discussed and decided the relay hunger fast programme before Circle/Regional offices from5.8.2013to 8.8.2013 for the settlement of the following justified demands of Gramin Dak Sevaks.  THE CRAVINGS AND THE URGES OF THIS EXPLOITED SECTION OF THE SOCIETY NEED TO BE TAKEN CARE WE STRONGLY FEEL SIR.


The only one demand of the Gramin Dak Sevak is that they should be treated at par with departmental staff for which all measures may be taken to regularize the services rendered by the 2.7 lakh postal GDS employees. All the benefits of departmental staff should be rationally extended to GDS employees without any further delay as they are the salt of the rural service under postal system.  They are also doing commendable job in urban areas also.  Their pay and service conditions deserve consideration in the next pay commission that is demanded by the central Govt. employees by suitably changing the nomenclature as GRAMIN DAK KARMACHARI/RURAL POSTAL EMPLOYEE.


1.   Harsh Punishment of removal and dismissal – a death sentence to the GDS:  There are no graded punishments like recovery of loss from the pay of GDS, postponement of increment, reduction in pay etc.  Hence removal and dismissal are commonly used to impose penalty for even routine lapses.  The local level officers are suspending them for even petty matters, imposing heavy punishments of termination from employment – most unfortunately using it as a tool to EXPLOIT THE GDS to the maximum.


2.   REVISED RECRUITMENT RULES FOR PROMOTION TO THE POSTMEN AND M.T.S CATEGORY:  The introduction of revised syllabus to promote GDS to postmen and MTS cadre is nothing but to deny the promotional opportunity to the senior GDS employees.  Old pattern was more or less satisfactory as both MERIT AND SENIORITY were taken as the criteria for promotion.  Now in the present system the Question papers are very tough and only those preparing for competitive exams can answer them.  This change is with an inner agenda to snatch the benefits of this section which is opposed by all.  Kindly intervene and cause to restore old syllabus and pattern of exam with modification if any in consultation with recognized unions.  For, the only hope of getting departmental status of a GDS is shattered by the change.  Please note that hitherto all out efforts are to take them to the departmental status and not to deviate from the IDEAL.


3.   LIMITED TRANSFER POLICY – AGAIN TO DENY A WELFARE MEASURE:  Now the power to transfer of a GDS is vested with the Head of the postal circle/state.  This is causing more problems to the administration as well as the GDS affected.  The power should be delegated to the divisional heads in case of transfer within divisions and like wise Regional head and circle head according to their purview as done in case of departmental employees.  The low paid GDS should not undergo reduction in their pay(TRCA) as their hard earned increments are snatched in many cases on transfer.  The transfer policy should be to help the system/employee we strongly feel and urge kind intervention.


4.   DENIAL OF COMPASSIONATE APPOINTMENT – ANOTHER ATTACK:  Hitherto all most all wards of GDS were assured compassionate appointment as the GDS is not assured of pension or family pension.  Compassionate appointment is to support the family of those who die in harness. The condition of a low paid and the exploited GDS family would be more critical when compared to a departmental employee.  A strange and unscientific condition of earning minimum of 51 points to decide indigent circumstances of the family is anti GDS and anti worker a decision!  This should be removed and all wards of GDS should get compassionate appointment without any condition. 


5.   BONUS CEILING SHOULD BE Rs.3500/- FOR GDS ALSO:  It is rather discriminatory if the benefit already extended is withdrawn.  In fact his low paid section should get more percentage of Bonus when compared to his departmental brother! This deferred wage should be double the pay as the GDS employees have been denied of their due all along.  Since the honourable MOC has taken pains to look into the matter and recommend Rs.3500/- ceiling for GDS the issue may be settled early in favour of GDS, pending upward revision of Bonus ceiling for the ensuring year.  The matter is pending for the last one year and a committee constituted to look into the matter also recommended justification to enhance ceiling to GDS.  Kindly cause to expedite the matter.



6.   CAUSE TO STOP ALL KINDS OF EXPLOITATION BY EFFECTIVE INTERVENTION:  Since the exploitation of this section is seen from the British regime we request the hon’ble MOC to put an end to this system.  To cite an example in rural parts GDS staff are forced to undertake combination of various duties without adequate compensation.  In urban and metro city like Bangalore the GDS services are utilized for delivery of speed post articles under exploitative terms and conditions.  The GDS use their own two wheelers for delivery work and fuel compensation of Rs.35/- per day is given.  Vehicle maintenance, depreciation in its value etc., are not thought of which is still inhuman.  Despite instructions to minimize GDS recruitment in urban areas the system is continued to exploit the humble/poor.  Court cases are on increase and therefore we request the hon’ble MOC to regularize the services of all GDS working in urban areas without any further delay.  Our demand is equal pay for equal work performed.  So is the case of GDS Mail Packers who are working from opening of the office till its close.  But their work is assessed most unscientifically to deny their due.  They should be treated as regular MTS and full pay and other benefits should be extended them. 

The above are mere illustrations to give a glimpse of exploitation of the GDS in postal department.  It is high time that the Hon’ble and the learned MOC would look into the matter seriously to mitigate the hardship of this community and cause to extend at least minimum that is demanded/highlighted in this memorandum and for such objective and justified look towards the hard working GDS, real back bone of the postal department, we shall be ever grateful to the honour minister.

With high regards

                                                                                       Yours faithfully,



                                                                                      (S.S. Mahadevaiah)

                                                                                       General Secretary.