Wednesday, December 31, 2008



(S. S. Mahadevaiah)

Editor & Rural Postal Employees Family.


GDS/CHQ/41/1/2009 Dated: 31-12-2008


Com. K. Raghavendran,
Secretary General, NFPE
New Delhi - 110001

Dear Comrade,

Kindly refer to your e mail sent to me regarding indefinite strike. You probably remember that we i.e. the AIPEDEU had waged a glorious three day strike from 17.12.2008 and the NFPE withdrew its support in the midst of the strike taking the plea that the attitude of the Department was positive and satisfactory and there was no need to continue the strike further. You probably remember that it was because of the united force of the G.D.S. employees that the Department held a detailed meeting with us and an agreement was signed. Now that we have proceeded towards a settlement and pulled the chest nut out of the fire, as mentioned in our letter of even No dated 29-12-2008 addressed to Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Secretary General Confederation and copy enclosed to you, the futility of including the same item in your charter of demands is obvious. Why should you or the confederation try to include an issue in your charter of demands which stands settled, is beyond any body's perception. Any strike on this issue will be an attempt to belittle or negate the achievements of the struggle of the G.D.S. employees or even to scuttle the settlement. How can there be a struggle when there has been an agreement even when action for implementation is on? And in this situation the NFPE or the Confederation is no where Justified nor it is within Jurisdiction to include G.D.S. issues in the charter of demands. You will agree that it will not be befitting to claim credit for a matter already settled by the united efforts of the G.D.S. employees.

What amuses us is the sudden change of your heart expressing a no confidence in the intentions of the Secretary department of Posts when free and frank talks have been held and the agreement has not been breached.

We request you to drop the issue relating to the G.D.S. employees from your charter of demands and also advise the Confederation accordingly.

At the present we do not see any reason to disbelieve the intentions of the Secretary Department of Posts or the Hon'ble Minister for Communications & IT. We can consider of any struggle only when the agreement is breached and in that case we shall certainly hit and hit hard; but we on our part, shall not walk out of the agreement by joining your strike with G.D.S issue as one of the items of charter of demands.

If you and the Confederation drop the item of G.D.S from your charter of demands, this Union will certainly support your strike, but we shall not walk out of the agreement without any provocation from the other side.

With New Year greetings,
Yours fraternally,

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)
General Secretary
Copy forwarded to:-
1. Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Secretary General Confederations.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Proposed indefinite strike form 20.01.2009.


GDS/CHQ/41/1/2008                                Dated: 29-12-2008




Com. K.K.N. Kutty,

Secretary General,

Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers,

Manishi Nath Bhawan,

A-2/95 Rajouri Garden,

New Delhi – 110027.


Subject: - Proposed indefinite strike form 20.01.2009.


Dear Comrade,


                 We learn form NFPE Circular No. PF-1(e)/14/2008 dated 17.12.2008. Posted on website on 21.12.2008 that the Confederation has decided to organise indefinite strike with effect from 20.1.2009. Congratulations!  


But what has amused us is the fact that the demand of Gramin Dak Sevaks is included in the charter of demands (at Sl.13). Comrade, you are aware that the G.D.S. employees waged a heroic and historic strike for three days from 17.12.2008, which was a resounding success. We received support in our struggle from several quarters. A small support from the Confederation–even a call for demonstration–could have given us enormous strength which did not come forward.


Now, we have pulled the chest-nut out of fire to a great extent through our sustained struggles. We are surprised if the inclusion of the same in the charter of demands is going actually to serve any purpose solve the issue or will complicate it. We have arrived at a solution with the department of Posts.


However, it is to mention that the G.D.S. employees chose to fight in time and with success.


With greeting,


Yours fraternally,



(S.S. Mahadevaiah)

 General Secretary


Copy forwarded to: -

1.   Secretary General, NFPE: - He may please recall his Circular Posted on website on 18.12.2008 in which he has observed that the approach of the department was satisfactory and there was no compelling reason for a strike to continue. This leave a question about intension in including the issue in the sectional demands of the NFPE will he please clarify?   

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Friday, December 26, 2008

सिर्क्लुरे ह्न्धी

सिर्क्लुरे ह्न्धी

नीचे वाले लिंक को क्लिक करें हिन्दी सर्कुलर मील जाएगा


एस एस महादेवाय

जनरल सेक्रेटरी

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


No. GDS/CHQ/5/1/2008 Dated: 22/12/2008

All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries,
All CWC Members All India Postal GDS Employees Union

Sub; - Happy ending of the indefinite strike of G.D.S. employees that started from 17.12.2008.

Dear Comrades,

The glorious strike of the G.D.S. employees that started on 17.12.2008 and continued for three days with added strength from day to day has been unique and historic in many ways. It is not only that the strike has been a thundering success but also that many myths have exploded and focal point of this struggle is that G.D.S. employees stand erect a force. We simply run out of words to describe the unparallel courage, solid organisation and steal like unity of the Gramin Dak Sevak employees. We can only say "Shabash Comrades, salutations to you!" The credit for the success goes to the grass root workers, activists and general membership backed, organised and led by the local leaders under able guidance of the Circle level leadership. Our hearty Congratulations!

Comrades, we have already given the highlights of the achievements of the strike and have clarified the position. But the greatest achievement is that the unity of the Gramin Dak Sevaks has emerged as an independent force is itself to fend for themselves. This struggle has underscored our strength and also exposed our weakness. We shall have to find ways and means to further galvanise our strength and plug and remove the weaknesses. We are not furnishing here the percentage or number of the members that have participated in the struggle for existence. We leave it to the leadership at different levels to do a bit of heart searching about the allegiance to the cause of our own existence rather than to some extraneous considerations. Of course we propose to hold a meeting of the Central Working to have a detailed study of the movement in true perspective and to suggest ways and means for greater improvement. We are trying to find out how far we can expand the scope and area of the CWC to have better representation of views.

We would like to place on record our sincere gratitude to each and every individual, organisation and force who have extended their support to us actively, morally or organizationally. We, offer our thanks to the NFPE leadership for the support extended though they thought it fit to jettison the struggle midstream. This has provided us an occasion to assess our own strength. In many Circles/Divisions the departmental employees took active part and joined the strike. We extend our hearty thanks and gratitude to such leaders, members and activists. Their direct support and direct participation has given us enormous strength. Hats off to them !
We shall be gravely failing in our duties if we donot extend our unqualified and heartiest thanks to Sri, A.Raja, Hon'ble Minister for Communications & IT; Sri, Jyotiraditya M.Scindia, Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications & IT; Mrs, Radhika Doraiswamy, Secretary, Department of Posts; Sri, R.K. Singh, Member (P) Postal Services Board. Sri,P.K.Gopinath, Chief PMG, Delhi Circle and the members of the Group of Officers for the sympathetic positive and affirmative approach to our cause.

We are indebted to the Hon'ble Speaker, Lok Sabha and a host of Hon'ble members of Parliament for focussing attention on the issues relating to the lowest category of Postal employees, known as Gramin Dak Sevaks.

We are enclosing a copy of the synopsis of talks that emerged in the meeting with the Secretary Department of Posts and Sri Gopinath Committee which gives a clearer view of the things.

In the end we would once again express our gratitude for the support that came to us from any or all quarters. Every big or small support provided boundless strength to us.


It is time that we utilize in consolidating the gains of the struggle to greater utility. We therefore, suggest that each Circle should organise Circle level/Regional level seminar to discuss the gains/losses and strength/weaknesses. The dates may be fixed in consultation with the CHQ so that we may be able to attend the same.

Secondly, we shall be thankful if some Circle/Divisional Union offers to host the C.W.C. We hope that the attendance in the C.W.C. will be larger than ever before.
With militant and warm fraternal greetings,

Yours fraternally,

S.S. Mahadevaiah,
General Secretary.

GDS/CHQ/41/1 /2008 Dated: 22-12-2008

Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy


Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan

New Delhi – 110001

Subject: - Report of the G.D.S. Committee under Sri R.S. Nataraja Murti--affirmative

action to end the strike of the Gramin Dak Sevak employees.


On behalf of 2.80 lacs of Gramin Dak Sevaks we sincerely thank you for your affirmative decisions which resulted in the withdrawal of the strike action and restoration of total normaley and tranquillity. It was on account of your positive approach, assisted by the Member (P) and other officers that a sense of inclusion has developed in the Gramin Dak Sevaks and this will certainly go a long way in further improvement of rural postal network, postal service to the rural people, popularising and implementing new products and business. The Gramin Dak Sevaks have traversed a long distance popularising and developing Postal Life Insurance, discharging the responsibilities of NREGS Payments and old age pension. In several states, the G.D.S. employees have undertaken the work of Telephone bills and Electric bills.

Now the G.D.S. employees are looking forward to speedy implementation of the decisions and assurances dealt out in the meeting with you on 19.12.2008 held in the background of our discussions with Sri P.K. Gopinath Committee held on 18.12.2008.

We on our part would assure you that we shall be working with renewed and redoubled enthusiasm to expand and implement all schemes, products and business.

We are inclosing vide annexure to this letter a recapitulation of the discussions and decisions arrived at in the meeting with you which was closely related with the meeting with Sri Gopinath Committee.

We once again thank you for your affricative decisions and request you kindly to take speedy action for implementation.

With high regards,

Yours faithfully,


General Secretary

Enclose: - One


Recapitulation of discussion with and decision by the Secretary Department of Posts in the meeting held on 19.12.2008 in the backdrop of discussions held with Sri Gopinath Committee on 18.12.2008.

1&2. Status of Civil Servants and application of all related rules:- Our contention that in view of the Judicial pronouncements the confirming of status of civil servants is Justified was well received and heard patiently. This was not rejected.

We appeal that this may be considered in entirety.

3.4&5 No Curtailment in rural Postal facilities and rejection of impracticable norms, working hours to be BOs to be between 4 to 6 hours:-

i) Suggestions of the G.D.S. Committee regarding curtailment of working hours/cldsure of BOs, abolition of posts of G.D.S. Stamp Vendors packers and mailmen and closure/down gradation of E.D. Sub-Post offices will be rejected.

ii) Accordingly the suggestions regarding pay and allowances for less than 3 hours of work (upto 3 hours) would be rejected.

iii) Suggestion of applying radial distance-measurement and digital map will not be accepted.

iv) Suggestion in case of BPMs cash handling of Rs.20,000 will earn one point would be suitably corrected; our suggestion of Rs.4000 for one point will be considered.

v) Beat measurement: There will be no change in foot beat measurement presently in vogue.

vi) Increase in working hours of BOs/SOs and G.D.S. employees beyond five hours will be considered.

6. (i) Pro-rata Pay-band and Grade-pay with relation to corresponding category of full time departmental employees:-

The pay-scales of G.D.S. employees would be proportionate to that of departmental employees.

ii) Fitment in new scales:- The fitment formula would be the same as applied in case of departmental staff i.e. basic pay plus 86 percent of basic pay plus 40 percent of the maximum of the pay scale.

iii) In case of bunching, weight age for seniority would be given.]

iv) No change in D.A. formula.

7. Annual increment will be 3 percent of Pay on the lines of orders in respect of departmental staff.

8. Grant of other allowances:- HRA, Transport allowances such and other allowances will be examined and recommended.

9. Retirement benefits (Pension, gratuity & GPF): This will be examined in entirety. Positive improvements/corrections will be made in the recommendations of the G.D.S. Committee.

10. Productivity linked Bonus:- There will be no change. The same ceiling for all employees will be applied.

Some particular issues arising out of demand No. 2 and other items:

i) Grant of leave: - Application of leave Rules will be examined. In the meantime carry-forward of available leave will be allowed.

ii) Maternity leave: - Steps will be taken to make it similar to the facilities available for departmental women employees.

iii) Trade Union facilities: - The negative recommendation of the committee would not be accepted. Steps would be taken to further liberalise the facilities.

iv) The recommendations of the G.D.S. Committee on promotion to departmental Posts are uncalled for and will be scraped.

v) Grant of ACP will be considered after the government orders on three ACP are issued.

vi) Combined allowance: - This will be a temporary measure only and will not be used as a regular measure.

vii) Welfare measures: - Suitable improvements will be made to make the measures more meaningful.

viii) Advances: - The measures will the improved.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008


S.S. Mahadevaiah
General Secretary

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सिर्क्लुरे ह्न्धी

नीचे वाले लिंक को क्लिक करें हिन्दी सर्कुलर मील जाएगा


एस .एस . महादेविया
जनरल सेक्रेटरी



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Indefinite strike – high lights of negotiations.

GDS/CHQ/5/2 /2008 Dated: 20-12-2008


All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries/Office bearers &
All Members & activists.

All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union.

Subject: - Indefinite strike – high lights of negotiations.
Dear Comrades,
A meeting of the union representatives consisting of Com. S.S.Mahadevaiah General Secretary; Com. Rambir Singh, Circle President, Delhi Circle and Com. Sajat Kaushik Circle Secretary Delhi Circle with the Postal Administration consisting of the Secretary, Department of Posts; Member (P); Dy. D.G. (Establishment) and Director (SR) was held in evening of 19th December,2008 to discuss the strike issues. The meeting was held in a very congenial and positive atmosphere. Prior to that we had a discussion with Sri Gopinath Committee. Considering the out-come, we decided to call of the strike.

The following are the highlights of the negotiations:
1. Grant of status: - We placed all Judgements of the Supreme Court. They have not rejected our demand.
2. Similar is the position with regard to application of rules.
3. Abolition of Posts: - There will be no abolition/downgradation of Post offices or Posts including E.DS.Os, G.D.S. Packers, G.D.S. Stamp Vendors and G.D.S. Mailmen.
4. Suggestion of Sri Nataraja Murti regarding one point for Rs.20,000 of cash handled will suitably revised. We have demanded that it should be Rs.4000 for one point.

5. Distance measurement:
i) The suggestion of Sri Nataraja Murti for radial distance will be rejected.
ii) Foot beat/Cycle beat: - There will be change in the present system.
6. The recommendation of Sri Nataraja Murti regarding working hours of less than 3 hours or Pay-Scale for less than 3 hours will be rejected.
7. Pay Scale will be pro-rata i.e. proportionate to the pay scale of departmental employees.
8. Increment: - at the rate of 3%.
9. Fitment in the new scale: - The factor of 1.86 will be applied.
10. Bonus: - No change in PLB scheme i.e. the same ceiling as for departmental staff will remain.
11. Retirement benefits: - Accepted in principle. Positive improvement in report of Sri Nataraja Murti assured.
12. D.A.:- The same formula as for departmental staff.
13. Other Allowances: - Accepted in principle to be recommended.
14. Leave positive:-improvement was assured.
15. Applicability of CCS (Conduct) Rules 1964, and CCS (CCA) Rules 1965- This will be examined.
16. Trade Union facilities: - The recommendations of Sri Nataraja Murti are against the terms of reference and will not be accepted.
Full Trade Union rights will be examined.

17. The negative recommendation of Sri Nataraja Murti on promotions to departmental Posts are beyond his jurisdiction and will be rejected. Our suggestion regarding reservation of certain percentage of Posts in P.A. Cadre will be examined.
18. Combined allowance:- This will be only in respect of short-term vacancies. Against permanent Posts TRCA will be given.
19. Time bound promotion:- orders for three ACP not yet issued by Govt. Department will examine a proposal later.
20. Advances:- Improvements will be made.
21. Welfare:- Improvements will be made.
We offer our heartiest congratulations for the heroic struggle and steal like unity demonstrated by the entire G.D.S. membership. Hats off comrades!

With fraternal greetings,

Yours fraternally,

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)

General Secretary.

Friday, December 19, 2008







S.S. Mahadevaiah

General Secretary.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Congratulations and salutations! The strike has been a thundering success

Dear Comrade,

Congratulations and salutations! The strike

has been a thundering


We had a meting with Group of Officers.

They gave positive assurance but Department has not come up with written agreement.

Strike continues. Please keep the tempo and pressure.

Yours fraternally,

S.S. Mahadevaiah

General Secretary.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bravo Comrades! Hats off!

Bravo Comrades! Hats off!

This has been a historic strike of the down trodden in the department against the injustice of the mighty.

Strike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir is total. In many circles Departmental staff are on total strike. Hegrty thanks to them.

The department is sitting on prestige. Abolition of 50 percent Post Office is threatened.

United we shall win.

The strike continues.

Please Keep the Tempo

शाबास साथियों ! संग्रामी सलाम ।डाक विभाग के सब से कमजोर तब के की सबसे शक्तिशातिशाली ताक़तों की बेंसफी के खिलाफ यह ऐतिहासिक हरताल है । कन्याकुमारी से कश्मीर तक हरताल सम्पूर्ण है कई परिमंदलों में विभागइया कर्मचारियों ने पुरी हरताल की है . उन्हे हार्दिक धन्यवाद . विभाग अभी भी आन पर अदा हुआ है 50 प्रतिशत डाकघर टूटने के कगार पर हैं . जीवन का संघर्ष है इ काथे हो का र हम विजयी होंगे .
हरताल जरी है कृपया उत्साह
कायम रखें .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

अनिश्चित कालीन हरताल दिनांक 17 दिसम्बर 2008 को सुबह 6.00 बजे शुरू

सेवा में

सभी परिमंदालिया/मंडलीय/सखा सचिव/केन्द्र्य पदाधिकारी
अल इंडिया प्पोस्तल एक्स्ट्रा देपर्त्मेंतल एम्प्लोयीस यूनियन ।

अनिश्चित कालीन हरताल दिनांक 17 दिसम्बर 2008 को सुबह 6.00 बजे शुरू .

प्रिया दोस्तों ,

डिपार्टमेन्ट ne हमारी कोई भी मांग मन ने से इनकार कर दिया . नटराज मूर्ति ने 50,000 से अधिक धक् घर तोड़ ने ki सिफारिश की है aur सभी ऐ ।डी . पककर , ऐ .डी . स्टांप वेंदोर और E.D. मैल्में के पड़ तोड़ ने ki भी सिफारिश की है . जीवन मरण का सवाल है .

पूरी शक्ति से हरताल आयोजीत करें हरताल पूर्व निर्धारित कार्य कर्म के अनुसार होगी .

अफवाहों पर ध्यान नही देन . कुछ शक्तियां हमारे मामले को ख़राब करने की कोशिश कर सकती हैं .

होशियार रहें और अवाश्स्यकता पड़ने पर हम से सीधे फ़ोन No. 011-2369001 या 0981157701 पर बात करें .

संचार मंत्री , राज्य संचार मंत्री ओउर अपने M.P को सभी सभी साथी फैक्स करें ।

Indefinite Strike starts at 6.00 AM on 17th December 08.


All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries & Office berarers.

All India Postal Extra Departental Employees Union.

Indefinite Strike starts at 6.00 AM on 17th December 08.

Dear Comrades,

The Department has refused to accept any of our demands. Nataraja Murti recommends abolition of more than 50,000 Post Offices and abolition of all Posts of ED Packers, E.D. Stamp Vendors and E.D. mail men. This is question of life and death. Organise strike begins with full force as scheduled.Donot listen to any rumours. Some forces will try to sabotage our case.

Let us remain alert and united.

All members should send fax to Communication Minister, State Communication Minister and M.P. of the area.

United we shall win. In any case of doubt contact us on Phone No. 09811577701 or 011-23697701.

With militant gretings,

Yours fraternally,

S.S. Mahadevaiah

General Secretary.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Indefinite strike with effect from 17.12.2008.

GDS/CHQ/41/1 /2008                                        Dated: 15-12-2008



Ms,Naina Bakshi,

Regional Labour Commissioner (Central),

New Delhi – 110001


Sub;- Industrial Dispute Act 1947-Industrial dispute between the management of Department of Posts and their workmen represented by All India Postal Extra Department Employees Union, New Delhi for indefinite strike with effect from 17.12.2008.




In our letter dated 10.12.2008 we have given a well founded justification of our demands and pointied our the negativities of the one-man GDS Committee under Sri, R.S.Nataraja Murti  and attempts to withdraw/curtail the existing benefits and  facilities to the rural population as also the employees. We submitted a copy of our letter to you on 12.12.2008.


The Department also handed over a note to you virtually dismissing our demands by misplacing and twisting the facts. Before we place the records straight, we place on record that the management i.e, the Department of Posts has not held any discussion or negotiation with us which indicates how contemptuously the department treats us and our demands.


Now coming to the demands and justification thereof vis-à-vis the note of the department we place below the facts based on records and judicial pronouncements;


1-2. Status of Gramin Dak-Sevaks and applicability of all rules to the G.D.S. employees;


(i)                 In their Judgement in Superintendent of Post Offices v. P.K. Rajamma (1977) (3) SCC the Hon'ble Supreme Court ruled that E.D. Agents (as the Gramin Dak Sevaks were being then called) were holders of Civil Post under the state though out side the regular Civil services (Pare 40-41 of our letter)

(ii)               In their judgement in sub-Divisional Inspector Posts v. Theyyam Joseph(1996) 8 SCC 489 the Hon'ble Supreme Court ruled:


(iii)             'It is now settled law (sic) of this Court that these employees are Civil servants regulated by these rules" (Pare 46 of our letter)



(iv)              In their judgment in Chet Ram v.Jit Singh, JT 2008 (12)SC 1 the Hon'ble Supreme Court have ruled that "The Extra Departmental Agents are Government servants holding Civil Posts and are entited to the protection of Article 311 (2) of the constitution (Para 12.3). (Pare 58 of our letter)



(v)                In Para 9.1 of the same judgement the Court has observed. "The said Rules were framed in terms of Article 309 of the constitution of India . The terms and conditions of employment of Gramin Dak Sevaks are governed by statutory rules".(Pare 54 of our letter)


Thus on the basis of the above three judgments of the highest Court of the land it is amply clear that the Gramin Dak Sevaks, though they are not full time employees, are Central Civil Servants.


And hence we have demanded that the status of Civil Servants be bestowed on us as Central Civil Servants (not full time). This is justified on rulings of the highest to Court, and accordingly our demand for application of all rules is fully justified.

The department should not have any difficulty in agreeing to these demands.


3.1. The facts have been twisted or concealed.

 In Para 7.8.1 Sri Nataraja Murti says that 54652 Post Offices are within 3 KM of each other he suggests that 27326 Post Offices could be re allocated while satisfying distance conditions and he means that remaining 27326 could out right be closed. Does it not mean withdrawal of facilities?


And for distance Mr, Nataraja Murti suggests in para 7.8.3 that NOT ACTUAL DISTANCE BY ROAD.  but radial distance should be taken. How impractical and impossible the suggestions!


It is any body's guess that franchise system does not amount to full scale P.O. and this is open withdrawal of facilities.


Thus the recommendation is for abolition of several thousands of Post Offices and rendering still more thousands of GDS employees jobless.


In Para 5.15 Sri, Nataraja Murti recommends virtual abolition of Posts of E.D. Stamp Vendors, in Para 5.20 he recommends abolition of Posts of E.D. Packers, in Para 5.22 he recommends abolition of Posts of E.D. Mailmen, in Para 6.11 he recommends abolition or downgradation of EDSO's. These are clear instances of withdrawal/Curtailment of facilities, abolition of Posts and rendering people jobless.


Thus it is not correct to say that Sri, Nataraja Murti has not recommended any curtailment/withdrawal of facilities/benefits.




 We would mention that the following business/products have been undertaken by the Branch Post Offices.


  1. Payment of NREGS Wages.
  2. Payment of old age Pension.
  3. Rural Postal Life Insurance.
  4. Receipt of Telephone bills.
  5. Receipt of Electricity bills.
  6. Several other services/products.


These services/products have added very hugely to the revenue and work. All work taken together the time goes upto six hours or even more.


Therefore our simple demand is that where time factor justifies Branch Post Offices should be kept open for 6 hours or taking work for six hours and paying for lesser hours amounts to exploitation. Sri Nataraja Murti suggests work hours less than 3 hours against minimum of existing 3 hours.


Our demand is well founded and has to be accepted on basis of justification.


4. Working hours of E.D.S.O's: It is not correct to say that EDSO's donot provide any special services. As a matter of fact an EDSO provides all services that a departmental S.O. does. Only it is kept open for lesser hours i.e, for five hours.


Our simple demand is that E.D.S.O's where the work justifies should be kept open even for seven hours. We donot find that the department should have any difficulty in accepting this justified demand.


5. Duties of all outdoor GDS Staff should be for 5 to 7 hours: A reference is invited to Para 7.6 of the report of Sri, Nataraja Murti where it is shown that the over all area served by a P.O. is 21.2 Sq KM. what time it takes a postman i.e, EDDA or an ED Mail carrier to cover the distance? How can it be possible within less than 3 hours going on delivering mails or exchanging mails? A practical view has got to be taken. In J.K. the area is 131.4 Sq KM, in N.E it is 60.2 Sq KM, Rajastan it is 33 Sq KM, M.P. it is 37 Sq KM and Jharkhand it is 23.9 KM, Is it humanly possible to cover the area within less than 5 or even 7 hours?.


E.D Stamp Vendors, ED Mailmen and ED Packers virtually work for whole day.


Hence our demand for the time is based on statistics furnished by Sri Nataraja Murti himself.


6.                Prescribing Pay bands:-


It is not correct to say that the scales suggested by Sri Nataraja Murti correspond to the scales of mail over seer, Postmen and group 'D'.


The Mail overseer now is in the old scale of Rs. 4000-6000 and the minimum Pay of the same in the table prescribed in connection with 6th C.P.C. is 9840. Hence for 3 hours for BPM the minimum would be Rs 3690 and for 4 hours it would be 4940 and for five hours it would be Rs 6150.


Thus the scale suggested by Sri Nataraja Murti does not have in the least any relation with the scales of overseer mails. Similarly the scale of Postman is in old scale of Rs 3200-4900. The minimum of this in the lable is 8060 and thus the minimum for 3 hours would be Rs 3022, for 4 hours Rs 4030 and for 5 hours Rs 5038. The scales suggested by Sri, Nataraja Murti are no where near these.


Yes let the department fix the pay bands for BPMs/EDSPM, EDDA/ED Stamp Vendors and EDDMC's etc with reference to the scales suggested by the 6th CPC FOR Mail over seers, Postmen and Group 'D'.


But the scales suggested by Sri, Nataraja Murti are arbitrary and without any foundation or base.


Hence our demand for Pay bands and grade Pay pro-rata to the Pay-band and grade Pay for respective whole time counter parts is well founded and the Department should have no hesitation in accepting the same.


  1. Annual increment at the rate of 3%: The rate of annual increment suggested by Sri Nataraja Murti which works out to about 1.74 or even 1.96 percent does not have any basis and is arbitrary. The rate has to be as suggested by the 6th C.P.C on the Prorata Pay and that is 3% and is totally justified.


  1. All allowances at Par with the full time employees: As explained against demand No 1-2 above, the G.D.S employees are Central Civil Servants though not for full time. But they are Central Civil Servants all the same. Hence all allowance Pro-rata are totally justified to be accepted.


This demand has legal base and thus has full justification for acceptance.


9.                Retirement benefits:


It is not correct to say that Sri Nataraja Murti has recommended a new scheme of discharge benefits. In Para 14.13.6, 14.13.7 and 14.14. Sri Natara Murti has suggested a new scheme by right hand and taken away the existing one by left hand. He has suggested withdrawal of the severance amount and hence nothing has been given.


As explained against demand 1-2 above, since GDS employees are Central Civil Servants they are entitled to Pro-rata retirement benefits in full. This demand is thus totally justified.


10.           Productivity linked bonus: The GDS employees all along during the

last 10-15 years have been on same footing and subject to the same ceiling for payment of bonus. Sri, Nataraja Murti arbitrarily and against the existing PLB formula suggests cutting down the same to 50% of the ceiling fixed for the lowest category of departmental employees. This is totally unjustified, arbitary and unacceptable.


This is an attempt to withdraw the existing benefit. Our demand for status quo is fully justified which is as per existing formula.


Thus you may kindly see that the demands are fully justified and have solid foundation.


The said improvements outlined in the note of the department are trivial and marginal and donot cut any ice. We are for basic improvements.


You may kindly prevail upon the administration to accept the demands in writing to facilitate withdrawal of the strike.


With regards,


Yours faithfully,


S.S. Mahadevaiah,

General Secretary.

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