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1.   Fixation of Pay Scales
1.1        The fixation of pay scales for the Regular Departmental employees were fixed on 2.57 factor as recommended by 7th CPC.
1.2        This union desires different formula for GDS to scrap the discrimination between Departmental employees and GDS employees on the following grounds.
1.3        50% D.A. merger was denied to GDS employees during 6th CPC where as departmental employees got that benefit.
1.4        Proportionate pay scales were not granted to GDS as recommended by 6th CPC to Departmental employees.
1.5        Hence this union urges upon the committee to consider the 3.25 factor for fixation of GDS officials.
1.6        While fixing the proportionate pay scale to GDS, generally minimum slab of concerning department cadre was taken in to consideration. Due to this the senior GDS who are rendering 30 or 40 years service and newly recruited  GDS granted equal slab of pay scale  pay scales may be granted on the basis of length of service.
1.7        Financial upgradation may be granted for 10/20/30 years service.

2.   Increment
2.1        3% increment was granted to regular Departmental employees on the basis of 7th CPC recommendation. The same may be granted to GDS on new pay scale.

3.   Working Hours of B.O.
3.1        The working hours of Branch Post offices are fixed as 8 hours. If the committee doesn’t find feasibility for 8 hours, minimum working hours may be fixed as 5 hours and there after fixed on the basis of work load.

4.1        “Gramin Dak Sevaks” nomenclature may be changed as “Gramin Dak Karmachari”. TRCA may be changed as salary

5.   Allowances & Leave
5.1        All the allowances are granted at per with departmental employees.
5.2        Leave may be granted at par with departmental employees.

6.   Pention
6.1        Minimum Rs. 5000/- pention may be granted to GDS who entered in the department on or before 01-04-2004.

7.   Medical Facilities
7.1        All the medical facilities recommended by 7th CPC to regular departmental employees may be granted to GDS.

8.   Gratuity
8.1        Several high courts and the Supreme Court obvisouly given judgements that the Gramin Dak Sevaks may be paid gratuity as per the gratuity act. The judgement copy is enclosed. Hence GDS may be granted gratuity at par with regular employees.

9.   Trade Union Facilities.
9.1        Grant full trade union facilities including foreign service to AIGDSU. Membership may be granted in JCM and RJCM.

10.               Transfers
10.1    The Chief Postmaster General is compentent authority to transfer the GDS as per the existing norms. This union is urging that the powers may be vested to Regional PMGs for GDS transfers. Pay protection may be granted after transfer.
10.2    The existing norms for GDS transfer may be liberalized.

11.               Descrimination to issue D.A order
11.1    Bonus order for regular Departmental employees and GDS employees are issued at the same time and in the same order. But D.A. orders are issued differently. GDS D.A orders are issued after ten or fifteen days. D.A. orders may be issued it the same time and in the same order

CHQ English and Hindi Circular Dated 28-09-2016

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No.GDS/CHQ/1/5/2016                                                                                     Dated 28-09-2016


All Circle/Divisional/ Branch Secretaries of All India Gramin Dak Sevaks Union and All India Office Bearers….

9th All India Biennial conference of AIGDSU at historic and holy place Siddaganga matt, Ketasandra, Karnataka Circle—A Thundering success. AIGDSU emerges as mighty organization.
The 9th Biennial conference of AIGDSU was successfully held from 17-09-2016 to 19-09-2016 at historic and holy place Siddaganga matt, Ketasandra, Karnataka Circle as scheduled under the presidentship of Com. M. Rajangam, All India President.

The conference commenced at 10-00 hours on 17-09-2016 starting with the flag hoisting. Com. Rajendra Prasad Singh, Working President hoisted the National flag. Com. B.V. Rao, Asst. General Secretary and Com. K.C. Annappa, Circle Secretary Karnataka hoisted the AIGDSU flag followed by thundering slogns raised by more than 2000 delegates and visitors to the conference.

After flag hoisting subject committee meeting commenced at about 11-00 hours to dissues the issues place in the notice by General Secretary. 21 circles participated in the conference on the very first day itself subject committee was inaugruated by Dr. Siddan Gowda Patil, Senior trade union leader and working president of AITUC, Karnataka State. The Central Working Committee was held on 16th September 2016 evening. The CWC was inaugurated by Com. S.S. Manjunath, Advisor AIGDSU. GDS Ruling Book compiled by CHQ is also unveiled by Com. S.S. Manjunath. The Conference started with lively discussions on the subjects of importance and concern to GDS employees.
The open session commenced at about 10-30 hours on 18-09-2016 with Com. Rajangam in Chair.
Padmasri Dr. Sri Shivakumar Swamiji addressed the session and gave belessings to all GDS. Sri Siddalinga Swami assured that he will write a letter to the Prime Minister for early settlement of GDS justified problems. Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah felicitated both the Swamijis and got blessings.

Hon’ble M.P. Sri Muddaname Gowda, Chairman reception Committee welcomed all the delegates. The open session was inaugurated by Com. Ananta Subba Rao, AITUC, State President, Karnataka State greeted the conference Com. B.V. Rao, Asst. General Secretary delivered speech on GDS system and problems of GDS.

Com. Mahadevaiah Mathpathi, President, Karnataka State Govt. employees Federation, Com. Sachidenanda Murthy Hon’ble President, Karnataka State Govt. employees, Com. S. Renuka Aradhya Hon’ble Working President, Karnataka State Govt. employees Federation, Com. S.S. Manjunath senior postal trade union leader and advisor AIGDSU, Sri M.S. Ramanujan, Advisor, India payment Bank and former postal board member (HRD) and several other leaders addressed and greeted the conference. More than 4000 GDS and postal employees participated in the open session.  

On the third day i.e. 20-09-2016 C.W.C. Members and Cricle Secretaries of different Circles discussed various problems of GDS. Com. P.T. Barge, Senior leader Maharashtra greeted the AIC. 

Finally Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah, General Secretary delivered an inspiring speech and clarified the doubts of delegated about certain problems facing by GDS employees. The house unanimously adopted the resolutions placed by the General Secretary.

Following this, all the agenda items were completely covered by the conference with due approval of the delegates of the conference.
The 9th All India conference in session discussed at length various burning issues concerning GDS and there fore urged unanimously for immediate settlement/improvement. The General Secretary S.S. Mahadevaiah proposed the following resolutions in the house for acceptance. The house adopted all the resolutions unanimously. The circular is herewith enclosed

Policy and Programme
'If the department of posts does not grant enhanced arrear bonus Rs. 7,000/- for the year 2014-2015 to the GDS with in a week, this union will initiate the following three phase trade union action'.

1) Dharna at Divisional Head Quarters on 05-10-2016 Wednesday
2) Dharna at Dak Bhavan, New Delhi on 14-10-2016 Friday
3) Two days country wide strike from 25-10-2016 to 26-10-2016
4) Further course of action will be decided there after.

Later the election of new office bearers for the next session was conducted. All the elections were unanimous and  there was no eontest on any post. The following office bearers were newly elected unanimously.

President                               :           Shri M. Rajangam, BPM Kumanan Tholu B.O                                                                                                         Kadmalai Kundu S.O. Theni Dn. (Tamil Nadu).
Working Presidents              :           Shri Rajendra Prasad Singh,  BPM, At; Tararh B.O.   
Rohtas Division, Bihar (Bihar).
:           Shri M. D. Ahiri, GDS MD Anandnagar S.O., Dhule, (Maharashtra Circle).
Vice Presidents                     :           Shri. Mahendhra Pratap Singh, BPM Nadam B.O. Rewa   
                                                            Division,(M.P. Circle).
:           Shri Datta Ram, BPM Chalola B.O. Una Division
                                                            (Himachal Pradesh).
:           Shri,C.B. Mehra, BPM, Lohaghat. Pithoragh Dn. (Uttarakhand),               
General Secretary                 :           Shri S.S. Mahadevaiah, GDSMD Doorvani Nagar                                                                                                  P.O. Bangalore East Dn. Bangalore-16 (Karnataka).
Assistant General                 :           Shri B.V. Rao, BPM, Chadalawada,B.O. Tenali
Division, (A.P).
:           Shri Narayan Chowdhary, GDSMD Golva PO, Bilaspur,
Chattisgarh Circle.
Secretaries                 :            Shri C.B. Tiwari, BPM Umapur Gaana Patti,  Sultanpur Division, 
(U.P. Circle)
:           Shri Rajendra Diwakar, GDSMC Ganj P.O. Ajmer                                                                         (Rajasthan Circle).
Treasurer                               :           Shri Lakwindar Pal Singh, GDSMP,
Amritsar Dn.  (Punjab).
Asst. Treasurer                     :           Shri, Dilip Gamit, BPM,  Mir Kot B.O Bordoli Division, Gujarth, Circle.
Organising                              :          Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, BPM,Udaygarh BO, Palamu
Division Jharkhand Circle. 
Secretaries                            :           Shri Dhanya Kanth Borah, BPM Dehingi Gaon B.O. Tinsukia,
Assam Circle.
1.    Com B. Venkateswarlu, BPM Garimillapalli B.O. Hanumakonda Dn. Telangana,
2.     Com. Buljeet Singh, Biwani Hariyana,
3.     Com. D. Raghu Babu, A.P.
4.     Com. P.R. Das, Orissa Circle,
5.     Com. W. Ibohalbi Singh, GDS Packer, Wangoi Bazar, Imphal,   Manipur, Dn. N.E Circle,
6.     Com. K.C. Annappa, Karnataka, Circle
7.     Com. KK Sharma, Rajoury, J&K,
8.     Com. Mruthyjay Chakrvavarthi, W,B Circle,
9.     Com. Nitin, Kerala Circle
Thus  the 9th Bi-ennial conference came to grand successful end showing greater and broader unity of GDS. The reception committee had made magnificient arrangements for smooth conduct of the function. We extend our sincere thanks to the reception committee.

We extend ou sincerer thanks to padmasri Sri Sri Shivakumar Swamiji and administration of Siddaganga Math, Com. S.S. Manjumath, Com. K.C. Annappa Circle Secretary Karnataka Circle and his team especially Com. K.C. Rudresh for his valuable services, Com. Ramesh, Com. Viswandh, Com. Lakshmi Kanth, Com. Dastagiri, Com. Pavugada Srinivas, Com. Rajanna, Com. Virupakshraiah, Com. Madivalappa, Channapatna Division Secretary, Com. R. Bilappa, Com. Kumar and Com. Ramesh and other comrades of Tumkur and Channapatna Division. Even though there is a serious situation on Kaveri Water, four thousand GDS comrades participated in the conference.

All are requested to make CHQ struggle programme grand success. Membership verification will be coming soon. Try to improve our union membership in all quarters. Build greater unity among GDS.
          With struggle greetings
                                                                                  Yours comradely

                                                                                               S.S. Mahadevaiah
                                                                                 General Secretary