Thursday, September 30, 2010

Payment of Dearness Allowance to Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) at revised rates with effect from 01-07-2010

No. 14-5/2010-PAP

Government of India

Ministry of Communications & IT

Department of Posts

Dak Bhavan, Sansad Bhavan,

New Delhi, dated 30-09-2010

All Chief Postmasters General,

All Postmaster General,

All Directors/Dy. Director of Accounts (Postal).

Subject: Payment of Dearness Allowance to Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) at
revised rates with effect from 01-07-2010.


Consequent upon grant of another installment of dearness allowance with effect from 01-07-2010 to Central Government Employees, vide Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure O.M. No.1(6)/2010-E.II.(B), dated the 22-09-2010, the Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS), have also become entitled to the payment of dearness allowance on basic Time Related Continuity Allowance(TRCA) at the revised rate with effect from 01-07-2010. It has, therefore, been decided that the dearness allowance payable to the Gramin Dak Sevaks shall be enhanced from the existing rate of 35% to 45%, on the basic Time Related Continuity Allowance(TRCA) with effect from 01-07-2010.

2. The additional installment of dearness allowance payable under this order, shall be paid in cash to all Gramin Dak Sevaks.

3. The expenditure on this account will be debitable to the Sub Head ‘Salaries’ under the relevant head and should be met from the sanctioned grant.

4. This issues with the concurrence of Integrated Finance Wing vide their Diary No. 226/FA/10/CS, dated 30.09.2010


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Option should be given before 30.9.2010 for SDBS Scheme.

All Circle Secretaries/CHQ Office bearers/Divisional/Branch Secretaries and Members are requested to give Option that favour of new pension (SDBS) Scheme. Option should be given before 30.9.2010.

Letters to Govt.

Reference:       GDS/41/1/2005                          Dated: 20- 09-2010



Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy,                   


Department of Posts,

Dak Bhavan, New Delhi – 1.


Sub:  filling up of unfilled vacancies of LGO's examination from GDS.

Ref:- Department of Posts (Postal Assistants and Sorting Assistants)Recruitment Rules, 2002. Dated 09-01-2002




          A kind reference is invited to this union's letter of even no. dated 09-03-04, 07-06-2005  and 16-09-2010 in which it was brought to your kind notice that the Directorate letter no: 60-29/98.SPB I dated 25.01.02 in which the method of recruitment for Postal / Sorting Assistants have been specified vide para (11) as follows:-


        (a).  50 % by direct recruitment

        (b).  50% by promotion through a limited Departmental Competitive Examination failing which the unfilled vacancies shall be offered to Gramin Dak Sevak with the following conditions:-


               (1).      minimum service of 3 years as GDS.

             (2).      minimum educational qualification as a pass in 10+2.

             (3).      age limit as fixed for the direct recruitment.

             (4).      minimum eligibility marks as 10% below the marks                                obtained by the last candidate of the last recruitment.


       In this connection this union would like to submit the following:-

1).  As per the Constitution of India, only 50% of the vacancies of PA/SA cadre are guaranteed for the direct recruitment to outsiders and the remaining 50% vacancies of PA/SA have to be filled up by the departmental officials by promotion.


2). The condition for direct recruitment, departmental promotion and subsequent promotion from GDS are as follows:-








Service conditions

Not applicable

3 years service as Postman/

Group 'D'

3 years service GDS


Educational qualification

a pass in 10+2

No such minimum

a pass in 10+2


Age limit

18 to 25 yrs. with usual relax

No such age limit

18 to 25 yrs. with usual relax



anyone with the above conditions

anyone with the above conditions

Anyone with the above conditions but also an additional condition of higher                                                      marks as minimum                                                               10 % less than that                                                                                                     of the last rect.




3).    The unfilled vacancies of departmental quota is offered to GDS officials with:-


              a). conditions of Deptl. Examination.  [ie.  3 years service as GDS]

              b). conditions of Direct recruitment. [ ie . age limit  and  10+2 qualification. ]

              c). an additional condition of higher marks as 10% less the last recruitment 

instead of 40% of +2 as in the case of direct recruitment.


4).    It is not fair to specify both the conditions of direct recruitment and the departmental examination when the vacancies are the unfilled vacancies of department quota.  But in the case of offering the unfilled vacancies of deptl. quota to GDS not only all the available conditions were specified an additional condition of higher minimum marks also been fixed


          You are therefore, requested, kindly to do the needful for re-examination of the conditions prescribed for GDS officials on the principles and policies of Govt. of India for the general recruitment  and to make the conditions which are practically possible and reasonable as follows:-


         1. The age limit condition may be removed since minimum service condition of 3 years services have been fixed.


         2. The minimum eligibility marks may be fixed as 40% in 10+2 instead of 10% less than that of the last recruitment since 40% of marks in 10+2 exam can be eligible to be selected if the said 40% marks comes in the selection list within the 5 times of vacancies notified.


            An early action with a line in reply is highly appreciated.


                                                                             Yours faithfully,

Reference: GDS/41/1/2006                                            Dated: 20- 09-2010

Shri P. K. Gopinath,

Member (P)

Department of Post

Dak Bhavan New Delhi – 110001



                                Sub; Career prospects of GDS Employees.


          In pursuance the adopted principle of providing promotions to the employees in the service career, providing promotions to the employees, it is not unnatural to expect and aspire for the GDS employees also.


          The Department of Posts is kind enough to provide the opportunities of career prospects to GDS employees.  This concept vindicates in the instructions of DGP letter No 60-52/90-SPB-1 dated 24.08.1992 and further instructions from time to time in this regard.


          Recruitment to PA cadre from the GDS category to fill up the unfilled vacancies thrown open to them with certain concessions and restrictions namely age, qualifications, certain percentage of marks etc., But with the passage of time, certain restrictions are working against the career prospect of the GDS category thereby the unfilled vacancies earmarked for them would go to open market.  Thus the GDS employees have been denied the extended concessions unreasonably and unfairly which needs to be reviewed with a view to make the scheme to supplement to the cause but not to supplant the object.


          The working GDS employees have sufficient experience and knowledge to acquaint with the rules, procedures and the operative skill to serve the customers in befitting manner.  Therefore the experience needs to be considered to give more weightage than to the factors of age and percentage of marks prescribed.  Non consideration of these factors in true spirit resulted in denial of promotions to GDS thereby large numbers of vacancies are thrown open to the open market which is also added to the shortage of staff in the PA cadre.  For example, In Tamilnadu, N.E. Circle, Rajasthan and Karnataka circle more than 400 posts remained unfilled from this quota.  Such facts, put together at all India would be obviously enormous.  This factor needs serious consideration.


          Under the foregoing circumstances, it is urged that the quota reserved for this category should not be thrown open to the open market but be filled up from this category alone.  For this, the method and standard prescribed for LGOs examination shall be made applicable to GDS.


 Hoping favourable response, with a line of reply.

Yours faithfully,





General Secretary
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union

Saturday, September 25, 2010

EDA (RA) Rules, 1995-Reverificatioin of membership of Associations-procedure regarding.

GDS/CHQ/41/1/2010                                           Dated: 22.09.2010


The Secretary,

Department of Posts,

New Delhi-110001


         Sub:- EDA (RA) Rules, 1995-Reverificatioin of membership of Associations-procedure regarding.

Ref:   Your Letter No.13/02/2010-SA dated 6.09.2010 seeking revised information from circle in respect of membership and employees.



        We have been squarely shocked and surprised by attempts of certain people to get recognition of another union through the back door circuit or at least to delay the recognition of this union, which singularly qualifies for the recognition. You may kindly agree that the information sought for is not only unnecessary but only dilatory. It apparently seen that some persons are trying earth and heaven to get recognition by hook or by crook. We strongly feel that the department should not be a party in their attempt. The following points are very pertinent.

(i)             A letter of the Department of personnel & Training No.2/2/1994-JCA dated 22.4.1994 has been referred to the EDA(RA) Rules 1995 were issued vide DG(P) OM No.13/2/94-SR dated 27.4.1995 to make a reference to an order of the DO.P&T dated 22.4.1994 is respect of rules which were themselves issued on 27.4.95 is an attempt to put the cast before the horse.

(ii)            We have been regularly demanding that the trade union facilities of the ED employees who are now GDS employees be covered and regulated under the CCS(RSA) Rules 1993, and our demand has been categorically been denied. We strongly feel that reference from the CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 or from letters cannot selectively be made. Either these rules have to be applied into or no reference has got to be made. More over, FNPO has no locus-standi in the issue and any reference from them can not and should not be entertained at all.

(iii)           It may kindly been seen that a reference has been taken from a letter of the DOP&T which applies to regular departmental employees. But the information sought for is not in respect of Departmental employees. This union has selectively been singled out for the information. This clearly indicates that their attempt to delay the recognition of this union, which singularly qualifies for recognition, or to rig the figures somewhere to fill the balance in favour of certain interested people. We are determined to thwart any such move, which we oppose tooth and nail.

(iv)           Last but not the least; As per your office letter No.13-01/2010 dated 18.2.2010 information has sought in respect of total number of employees and not in respect of total number of posts. Then where is the need for seeking fresh information in respect of the same information this indicates something amiss; an attempt to rig the figures by hook or by crook or at least to delay the recognition in respect of this union selectively and discriminately. We may mention that the number of employees is already available in the annual report of the department.

We, therefore, request you kindly to intervene so that the interest of the poor GDS employees in respect of trade union is not tampered and fractured.

We fervently request you kindly to announce the results and issue recognition in favour of this union, which alone qualifies for recognition in respect of GDS employees.

  This may kindly treated as an urgent matter,

          With high regards,

Yours faithfully,


(S.S Mahadeviah)
 General Secretary


Copy forward to:
1.         All Circle Secretaries/CHQ Office bearers and all Divisional/Branch Secretaries. There is requested kindly to remain alert and on guard to see that the figures are not rigged or tampered at any slage. This is most urgent and important.

2.       The Director (SR & Legal) Department of Post, for request and necessary action.

General Secretary
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Introduction of a new Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) for Grmin Dak Sevaks working in the Department of Posts.

GDS/CHQ/42/1/2010(i)                          Dated: 23.09.2010


The Secretary,

Department of Posts,

New Delhi-110001


Sub: -Introduction of a new Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) for Grmin Dak Sevaks working in the Department of Posts.

Ref:   Your office letter NO.6-11/2009-PE-II dated 1.9.2009



We very strongly feel that the scheme which has been introduced on the lines of New Pension Scheme called NPS-Lite for the common man and workers in unorganized sector requires some qualitative improvement. While we feel that this is the first step towards providing some sort of social security to the Gramin Dak Sevaks, We are of the view that it is not proper to equate the Gramin Dak Sevaks who are employees in the Government department with workers in the unorganized sectors. We offer the following suggestions:

(i)      This should be an additional benefit besides the Severance  amount: The introduction of the Scheme in lieu of the Severance Amount or by withdrawing the benefit of severance amount in case of an employee who opts for the scheme, gives the impression that the amount has been taken out of one pocket of the employee to be put in another pocket. Even in case of employees in the private sector, the benefits of pension under the Pension Act and some sort of gratuity are available. There is no justifiable reason why the new Scheme of pension should not be in addition to the benefit of Severance Amount to give some sort of better and recognisable social scheme to the Gramin Dak Sevak employees.

We, therefore very fervently request your honour to consider our suggestion in its entirety and qualitatively and make the scheme available in addition to the existing scheme of Severance Amount.

(ii)      The word "Discharge" used in the scheme has some ignominious accent. In the case of CCS(CCA) Rules, 1965 in case of departmental employees "Discharge" is a major punishment awarded on account of some grave misconduct and in the public domain discharge of an employee, may be in case of a GDS or other, carries a sense of ignominy or removal of on account of some misconduct. The word retirement is the proper word and the scheme may be called "Retirement Benefit Scheme of GDS".

We hope you will kindly consider our suggestion on this score and change the terminology as suggested by us.

(2)    Madam, we have serious reservation about the endorsement of the letter. It is alright to endorse a copy of the scheme to all recognized unions and federations, but we can not appreciate why the same has been especially and selectively endorsed to"NUGDS at Manjeri, Kerala", an unrecoginsed union. This has two apparent implications: (i) It prima-facie appears that some sort of legitimacy is being given to one particular union through the back door, and (ii) It may create some problems for its selectivity. Even though NUGDS is neither recognized nor can be a constituent of the FNPO, we do not have any reservation about the scheme being endorsed to this recognized federation, but we have certainly strong reservation and objection to endorsement of the scheme to a particular unrecoginsed union i.e NUDGS

We, therefore, request you kindly to ensure that such apparent legitimacy is not given to a particular unrecognised union like the NUGDS.

We sincerely hope that our views will be genuinely taken into consideration and necessary action as suggested by us is taken.


        With regards,

 Yours faithfully,


(S.S Mahadeviah)

 General Secretary

GDS/CHQ/41/1/2010(ii)                                                                 Dated: 24.09.2010


The Secretary,

Department of Posts,

New Delhi-110001

Subject: - Introduction of a new Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) for Grmin Dak Sevaks working in the Department of Posts.

Ref:         Your office letter NO.6-11/2009-PE-II dated 1.9.2010


          Without Prejudice to our views expressed in our letter no GDS/CHQ/41/1/2010(i) dated 23.09.2010 and further thereto, we seek to make the following suggestions and seek clarification as below about the scheme as it is:-

1.           At the outset we may point out that we had been assured that there will in a formal meeting with this union to elaborately discuss various points in the scheme. Though there was an informal meeting on 16.8.2010 of which no minutes were issued, a formal meeting is yet to be held.

2.        Suggestions:-

(a)      Death due to any cause: It has been laid down that in case of death of the Gramin Dak Sevak while is service, the nominee will receive 100% the accumulation as lump sum; and that will be the final exit. This defies the logic of social security. We very vehemently suggest that in event of death, the nominee should be paid 60% the accumulation and that would have accrued till his date of superannuation on the basis of remaining 40%, the nominee should be allowed family pension @ the rate of 60% of the pension that would have been due to the employee had he been alive. This will be the correct measure of social security as per the various schemes introduced by the government. The bread earner having passed away, this is not only proper but humanitarian and befitting. It may be mentioned that in case of flash floods, accidents, fire and the like, the next akin are given compensation. In case of a GDS employee, this at least in form of family pension would be the befitting compensation.

(b)     It has been laid down that an existing regularly appointed Gramin Dak Sevak, on the date of appointment, if he opts for the scheme, the amount accrued till the date of his joining @1500 for every completed year of service till his enrolment will be added to the accumulated Contribution "at the time of discharge". In this connection we have to make two strong and valid suggestions:

(c)         The amount @of Rs.1500/- per year should be transferred to thefund under the new scheme on the very date the employee opts for the scheme as in the case of GDS employees absorbed/appointed against departmental posts, so that the amount may earn bonus/interest as available or, the employees should be allowed to withdraw the amount @Rs1500/- per year so that he may invest in other scheme at choice.

(d)         In order to reckon a completed year of service, the period of Service of six months or more should be treated as a completed year of service while the period of less than six months should be ignored.

(e)         It has been laid down that after attaining the age of 58 years, an employee can withdraw 20% the accumulation and has to invest 80% in life annuity and in that case the department will not make any further contribution.

This is really very hard. On attaining certain years of age, say 55 years, the responsibilities increase. On attaining that age the employee should be allowed to withdraw certain percentage of the accumulated amount as a final withdrawal, or with option of depositing the amount with light interest and scheme should continue and the government should continue to make contributions as usual till his superannuation.

(f)      The different dates for implementation of the scheme or exercising options are very short. We sincerely feel that sufficient time should be allowed and the time limits extended sufficiently, of course, before 1.1.2011.

(g)      We sincerely feel that a certain percentage of the amount, say 60% should be invested in Government Securities in order to provide better and greater security. It should not be left to the sweet will of the pension fund Manager to invest wherever he likes.

(h)      We are of strong opinion that the scheme should be available to every GDS employee, irrespective of age, i.e even if he has one year service at his credit.

3.        Clarifications sought:

(i)             Whether the six monthly/yearly deposit will earn any interest or bonus till the final investment? This is available in case of all sorts of deposits or even installments deposited in several scheme of life insurance.

(ii)            Whether any annual intimation of the amount of deposit accumulated at the credit of particular employee or PRAN will be given to the employee so that he may be aware of the amount accumulated in his account?

(iii)           The employee is required to open a SB account. While the purpose of opening such SB a/c is unclear, it is also not intimated as to what amount the a/c should be opened with. Should it be with the minimum amount prescribed under the SB rules? Kindly confirm. It is not clear whether regular transactions should be made in the account to avoid it being silent.

(iv)           It is presumed that the Government will continue to make contributions in case of authorised leave/sanctioned leave kindly confirm.

The suggestions may kindly be given due consideration and acted upon and the clarifications sought may kindly be offered.

        With regards,

Yours faithfully,


(S.S Mahadeviah)
General Secretary

Copy forward to all Circle Secretaries/CHQ Office bearers for information and necessary action. They are requested to translate this letter in their local language and circulate among the Divisional/Branch Secretaries and members. They are requested to offer their own suggestions for improvement, if any to the CHQ.

General Secretary
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union

Monday, September 20, 2010





First Floor, Post Office Building, Padamnagar, Delhi 110007


No. GDS/CHQ/05/1/2010                                                  Dated: 16-09-2010




All Circle Secretaries/Divisional Secretaries/Branch Secretaries

All Members of the CWC AIPEDEU


Dear Comrades,


We are furnishing hereunder some recent developments concerning the postal employees in general and GDS employees in particular.


One day strike on 07.09.2010

At the outset AIPEDEU Headquarters congratulates all the rank and file GDS workers including Postal & RMS who have participated in the 07.09.2010 historic general strike. This time the reports are encouraging. About six crore workers, employees & teachers had participated in the strike. This is one of the biggest strikes in the post independent India. Once again we salute all those who made the strike a grand success.


Introduction of a new Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) for the Gramin Dak Sevaks.

Much awaited ANNUITY PENSION (SDBS) has been granted to the GDS employees.  The orders issued by the Government Deptt. of Posts letter No. 6-11/2009-PEII dated 1.09.2010. By this time you must have gone through the orders. The Department comes to some conclusion regarding its implications. We feel that you must have also underlined the areas where improvements/modifications in the order or its implementation is required. The Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA) has launched a New Pension Scheme called NPS-Lite for the benefit of Common man and workers in unorganized sectors. Using the same platform of NPS-Lite, a proposal for introduction of Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) for the benefit of the Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS), working in this Department, on monthly contribution basis (from Department's side only) has been under examination and consideration in this Department for quite some time. The Proposal has been approved by the Government for introducing Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) for the Gramin Dak Sevaks in the Department of Posts, throughout the country. This scheme will, however, be offered in lieu of the existing Severance Amount scheme on an optional basis for the existing Gramin Dak Sevaks while it will be mandatory for the new Gramin Dak Sevaks entering into the service with effect from 1-1-2011. The existing scheme of payment of Ex-gratia Gratuity to the Gramin Dak Sevaks shall, however continue of the existing terms and conditions without any change.


For opted to new scheme, the severance amount @ Rs.1500 per annum for every completed years of service will be added to the accumulated contributions at the time of discharge for annuitization. Govt shall contribute Rs200/- and no recovery from GDS. The contributions shall be credited to the Trustee bank designated by the PFRDA. Not eligible during Put off periods, Provisional appointments and substitutes. On promotion, the accumulations shall be transferred under New Pension Scheme. On attaining the age of 58,the GDS can withdraw 20% of the accumulations. At the time of discharge 60% will be paid. 40% shall be invested for purchase a Life Annuity from Insurance Company. On removal & dismissal no amount will be paid. Option should be given before 30.9.2010. However all are requested to ask all members to give their option to new scheme of SDBS.


                 Comrades, many queries are forthcoming as to whether the scheme contribute by GDS staff by Rs. 200/- . This contribution only Department will pay not for employees. The existing Gramin Dak Sevaks who are left with three years or less service as on 01-01-2011, shall not be eligible to join the Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS).  This area needs some improvement.  We are working on betterment of the scheme.  Anyway, the orders have been issued and any valuable suggestion from any corner is welcome.


                 We request you kindly to suggest within three weeks the specific improvements that we should seek. We are also studying the orders very minutely and on receipt of the feedback from Circle/Division/Branch and CWC members we shall prepare a detailed letter seeking improvements.


                 We shall also, hold the CWC meeting sometime next month to discuss the whole issue in detail.


                 The central cabinet approves 10% hike in Dearness Allowance from 1st July 2010 based on the price index now D.A. will be 45% shortly Orders will be issued. Further an updated wholesale price index ended on  17.09.2010 with the government launching a new series that captures price movements of many more goods and with a change in the base year from 1993-94 to 2004-05. The new series is more representative in character than the one it replaces. Many of the 241 items added to the portfolio are consumed by the fast growing middle class, which means the index will more efficiently capture the structural changes that are taking place in the economy. Many commodities now in the list, such as cell phones, were not in widespread use 15 years ago. The cities and towns from which data will be sourced have also been increased and there will be a uniform method for collating the data. Even with all the improvements, the new series does not quite capture the change in the cost of living in this fast growing economy. Services, which contribute over half of the economic activity, remain excluded. The WPI data will continue to be released at monthly intervals and the data on the prices of food articles and commodities at weekly intervals. Over the medium term, India should move towards the international practice of relying on a representative consumer price index for policy purposes, Present D.A. price index will be change.



                 The CHQ already made a humble appeal to all our members. You are aware of the efforts that we have made and a little benefit that have come on account of the same. We are not in the habit of asking for donations. But now is the time that we should have our own union building as also a separate legal expenses fund.


                 We call upon all our members to contribute Rs.200/- per member out of the arrears towards the Building fund and the legal expenses fund. The Divisional/Branch Secretaries are requested kindly to make special efforts for collection of the fund which may be sent to us giving the details of the collection.


                 We wish all our members a very happy Dussera.


19TH September reminds us of the great sacrifices of 1960 HISTORIC STRUGGLE/STRIKE. Let us rededicate ourselves for the cause of workers; in general and postal in particular.  
Yours fraternally,                                                                       

General Secretary
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union