Saturday, September 25, 2010

EDA (RA) Rules, 1995-Reverificatioin of membership of Associations-procedure regarding.

GDS/CHQ/41/1/2010                                           Dated: 22.09.2010


The Secretary,

Department of Posts,

New Delhi-110001


         Sub:- EDA (RA) Rules, 1995-Reverificatioin of membership of Associations-procedure regarding.

Ref:   Your Letter No.13/02/2010-SA dated 6.09.2010 seeking revised information from circle in respect of membership and employees.



        We have been squarely shocked and surprised by attempts of certain people to get recognition of another union through the back door circuit or at least to delay the recognition of this union, which singularly qualifies for the recognition. You may kindly agree that the information sought for is not only unnecessary but only dilatory. It apparently seen that some persons are trying earth and heaven to get recognition by hook or by crook. We strongly feel that the department should not be a party in their attempt. The following points are very pertinent.

(i)             A letter of the Department of personnel & Training No.2/2/1994-JCA dated 22.4.1994 has been referred to the EDA(RA) Rules 1995 were issued vide DG(P) OM No.13/2/94-SR dated 27.4.1995 to make a reference to an order of the DO.P&T dated 22.4.1994 is respect of rules which were themselves issued on 27.4.95 is an attempt to put the cast before the horse.

(ii)            We have been regularly demanding that the trade union facilities of the ED employees who are now GDS employees be covered and regulated under the CCS(RSA) Rules 1993, and our demand has been categorically been denied. We strongly feel that reference from the CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 or from letters cannot selectively be made. Either these rules have to be applied into or no reference has got to be made. More over, FNPO has no locus-standi in the issue and any reference from them can not and should not be entertained at all.

(iii)           It may kindly been seen that a reference has been taken from a letter of the DOP&T which applies to regular departmental employees. But the information sought for is not in respect of Departmental employees. This union has selectively been singled out for the information. This clearly indicates that their attempt to delay the recognition of this union, which singularly qualifies for recognition, or to rig the figures somewhere to fill the balance in favour of certain interested people. We are determined to thwart any such move, which we oppose tooth and nail.

(iv)           Last but not the least; As per your office letter No.13-01/2010 dated 18.2.2010 information has sought in respect of total number of employees and not in respect of total number of posts. Then where is the need for seeking fresh information in respect of the same information this indicates something amiss; an attempt to rig the figures by hook or by crook or at least to delay the recognition in respect of this union selectively and discriminately. We may mention that the number of employees is already available in the annual report of the department.

We, therefore, request you kindly to intervene so that the interest of the poor GDS employees in respect of trade union is not tampered and fractured.

We fervently request you kindly to announce the results and issue recognition in favour of this union, which alone qualifies for recognition in respect of GDS employees.

  This may kindly treated as an urgent matter,

          With high regards,

Yours faithfully,


(S.S Mahadeviah)
 General Secretary


Copy forward to:
1.         All Circle Secretaries/CHQ Office bearers and all Divisional/Branch Secretaries. There is requested kindly to remain alert and on guard to see that the figures are not rigged or tampered at any slage. This is most urgent and important.

2.       The Director (SR & Legal) Department of Post, for request and necessary action.

General Secretary
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union