Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Option should be given before 30.9.2010 for SDBS Scheme.

All Circle Secretaries/CHQ Office bearers/Divisional/Branch Secretaries and Members are requested to give Option that favour of new pension (SDBS) Scheme. Option should be given before 30.9.2010.

Letters to Govt.

Reference:       GDS/41/1/2005                          Dated: 20- 09-2010



Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy,                   


Department of Posts,

Dak Bhavan, New Delhi – 1.


Sub:  filling up of unfilled vacancies of LGO's examination from GDS.

Ref:- Department of Posts (Postal Assistants and Sorting Assistants)Recruitment Rules, 2002. Dated 09-01-2002




          A kind reference is invited to this union's letter of even no. dated 09-03-04, 07-06-2005  and 16-09-2010 in which it was brought to your kind notice that the Directorate letter no: 60-29/98.SPB I dated 25.01.02 in which the method of recruitment for Postal / Sorting Assistants have been specified vide para (11) as follows:-


        (a).  50 % by direct recruitment

        (b).  50% by promotion through a limited Departmental Competitive Examination failing which the unfilled vacancies shall be offered to Gramin Dak Sevak with the following conditions:-


               (1).      minimum service of 3 years as GDS.

             (2).      minimum educational qualification as a pass in 10+2.

             (3).      age limit as fixed for the direct recruitment.

             (4).      minimum eligibility marks as 10% below the marks                                obtained by the last candidate of the last recruitment.


       In this connection this union would like to submit the following:-

1).  As per the Constitution of India, only 50% of the vacancies of PA/SA cadre are guaranteed for the direct recruitment to outsiders and the remaining 50% vacancies of PA/SA have to be filled up by the departmental officials by promotion.


2). The condition for direct recruitment, departmental promotion and subsequent promotion from GDS are as follows:-








Service conditions

Not applicable

3 years service as Postman/

Group 'D'

3 years service GDS


Educational qualification

a pass in 10+2

No such minimum

a pass in 10+2


Age limit

18 to 25 yrs. with usual relax

No such age limit

18 to 25 yrs. with usual relax



anyone with the above conditions

anyone with the above conditions

Anyone with the above conditions but also an additional condition of higher                                                      marks as minimum                                                               10 % less than that                                                                                                     of the last rect.




3).    The unfilled vacancies of departmental quota is offered to GDS officials with:-


              a). conditions of Deptl. Examination.  [ie.  3 years service as GDS]

              b). conditions of Direct recruitment. [ ie . age limit  and  10+2 qualification. ]

              c). an additional condition of higher marks as 10% less the last recruitment 

instead of 40% of +2 as in the case of direct recruitment.


4).    It is not fair to specify both the conditions of direct recruitment and the departmental examination when the vacancies are the unfilled vacancies of department quota.  But in the case of offering the unfilled vacancies of deptl. quota to GDS not only all the available conditions were specified an additional condition of higher minimum marks also been fixed


          You are therefore, requested, kindly to do the needful for re-examination of the conditions prescribed for GDS officials on the principles and policies of Govt. of India for the general recruitment  and to make the conditions which are practically possible and reasonable as follows:-


         1. The age limit condition may be removed since minimum service condition of 3 years services have been fixed.


         2. The minimum eligibility marks may be fixed as 40% in 10+2 instead of 10% less than that of the last recruitment since 40% of marks in 10+2 exam can be eligible to be selected if the said 40% marks comes in the selection list within the 5 times of vacancies notified.


            An early action with a line in reply is highly appreciated.


                                                                             Yours faithfully,

Reference: GDS/41/1/2006                                            Dated: 20- 09-2010

Shri P. K. Gopinath,

Member (P)

Department of Post

Dak Bhavan New Delhi – 110001



                                Sub; Career prospects of GDS Employees.


          In pursuance the adopted principle of providing promotions to the employees in the service career, providing promotions to the employees, it is not unnatural to expect and aspire for the GDS employees also.


          The Department of Posts is kind enough to provide the opportunities of career prospects to GDS employees.  This concept vindicates in the instructions of DGP letter No 60-52/90-SPB-1 dated 24.08.1992 and further instructions from time to time in this regard.


          Recruitment to PA cadre from the GDS category to fill up the unfilled vacancies thrown open to them with certain concessions and restrictions namely age, qualifications, certain percentage of marks etc., But with the passage of time, certain restrictions are working against the career prospect of the GDS category thereby the unfilled vacancies earmarked for them would go to open market.  Thus the GDS employees have been denied the extended concessions unreasonably and unfairly which needs to be reviewed with a view to make the scheme to supplement to the cause but not to supplant the object.


          The working GDS employees have sufficient experience and knowledge to acquaint with the rules, procedures and the operative skill to serve the customers in befitting manner.  Therefore the experience needs to be considered to give more weightage than to the factors of age and percentage of marks prescribed.  Non consideration of these factors in true spirit resulted in denial of promotions to GDS thereby large numbers of vacancies are thrown open to the open market which is also added to the shortage of staff in the PA cadre.  For example, In Tamilnadu, N.E. Circle, Rajasthan and Karnataka circle more than 400 posts remained unfilled from this quota.  Such facts, put together at all India would be obviously enormous.  This factor needs serious consideration.


          Under the foregoing circumstances, it is urged that the quota reserved for this category should not be thrown open to the open market but be filled up from this category alone.  For this, the method and standard prescribed for LGOs examination shall be made applicable to GDS.


 Hoping favourable response, with a line of reply.

Yours faithfully,





General Secretary
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union