Tuesday, March 11, 2008


No.GDS/CHQ/1/5/2008 Dated: 10-03-2008
To,All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries &
All India Office Bearer of AIPEDEU
Dear Comrades,
The 5th All India Conference of this union was successfully held at Padmadhar Park, Rewa, M.P. Circle from 24th to 26th Feb, 2008 under the presidentship of Com. D. N. Giri, All India President of the union. The Conference had lively discussions on the subjects of importance that concern the GDS employees. More then 2000 Postal employees were participated. Suitable resolutions and decisions have been adopted by the Conference unanimously.
1. The sentiments of the members were conveyed during discussions in very clear and loud terms. The message should have been well received by the powers that be. The feelings of the general members will serve as our guide in shaping and formulating our course of action.
2. The Open Session was held on 24th Feb, 2008 with Com D. N. Giri in Chair. The Open Session was inaugurated by Com. G.L. Dhar, Secretary AITUC and was addressed by Sri, Sunder Lal Tiwari Ex., M.P. Rewa, Com. K. Raghavendran, Secretary General, NFPE, Com. K.V. Sridharan, General Secretary, P-III, Com,P. Suresh, General Secretary, R-IV, Com. B.G. Tamhankar, Ex. President, A.I.P.E.U. Group ‘C’, Union, Com. Yaswant Purohit Genral Secretary COC Madhya Pradesh, Com. S.K.Nema Working President P-III CHQ, Com. N. Balusubramanian, Ex. Circle Secretary P-III, Tamilnadu, D.P.Diwakar, Senior N.F.P.E leader, Com. Sethi, Senior N.F.P.E leader and Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah, General Secretary, A.I.P.E.D.E.U. A glaxy of leaders and high dignitaries graced the conference, who were the chief guests of the open session, expressed their sentiments in very clear terms recognizing the services of the GDS in maintaining and running the communication services to the over whelming majority of the people who live in the rural areas. They assured all help and cooperation in finding a solution to the problems of the ED employees. The Open Session was conducted by Com. G.S. Asiwal, General Secretary, Reception Committee& Ex Circle Secretary P-III M.P. Circle, Shri Samarth singh, Chairman, Reception Committee Dr. Mahender Singh Chouan, President, NTTI and R.P. Yadava, addressed the delegation session on 26th Feb, 2008.
3. Hindi (Poetry) Kavi Sammelana:-After the Open Session, 24th evening, Hindi Kavi Sammelana was organized by Reception committee famous Hindi literature and Hindi poets were participated viz., Dr. Seva Ram Tripathi, Shri Shiva Shankar Tripathi,"Shivala", Com. G.S. Asiwal, Shri Ram Naresh Tiwari "Nisthur", Smt. Indu Shivastava, Smt. Vimlesh Mishra, Shri Dr. Dinesh Kushwah, Shri Raam Swaroop Dwivedi " Shantidoot" and Shri Mohd. Rafique Riwani, the Programme was more than two hours all Delegates and Visitors well enjoyed the Kavi Sammelana.
4. Rewa is a small but historical place, situated in Vindya hilly region and is a place of pilgrimage. It was a calm city and the atmosphere was congenial for GDS employees to discuss their problems. The Reception Committee had made magnificent arrangements for smooth conduct of the functions. We extend our sincere thanks to the Reception Committee. Com. G.S. Asiwal Senior N.F.P.E leader, Com. Jain Circle Secretary P-III, Com. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Circle Secretary E.D. Union, Com. Purohit, Com. Devada, Com. R.P. Garg, Com. S.K. Tiwari, Com. K.R. Sharma, and their were force to reckon with. The contributions of Com. M.P. Singh and Com. jain, Reception Committee were of high value.
5. Comrades, the dangers lurking on the ED employees do not require to be elaborated. We are facing all sorts of onslaughts from all corners. At this juncture any activity that disrupts the unity and democratic institutions of the ED employees is only unfortunate and against the collective interests of the whole lot of the most neglected and exploited class of employees known as ED or Gramin Dak Sevaks. We hope that the members of this largest and mighty organisation will receive the message of complete unity in its correct spirit.
6. The elections were unanimously and peacefully held following have been elected as office-bearers for the next session.
President : Com. D.N. Giri, BPM Sivani Rasalpur S.O.
Nandgaon, Dist. Amravati,Dn. (Maharashtra).
Working Presidents :

Com.M. Rajangam, BPM Kumanan Tholu B.O Kadmalai Kundu S.O. Theni Dn. (Tamil Nadu).
: Com. V. Murukan, EDDA Cheramangalan P.O. Palakkad Dn. (Kerala)
Vice Presidents : Com.B.M. Jadeja, BPM Ribda B.O. Gondal Division (Gujarat).
: Com. Subhash Prasad Sahu, BPM Sahu Palbatta, (via)Naugachia, Dist. Bhagalpur (Bihar).
: Com.Mahandhra Pratap Singh, BPM Nadam B.O. Rewa Division,(M.P. Circle).
General Secretary : Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah, EDDA Doorvani Nagar P.O. Bangalore Est Dn. Bangalore-16 (Karnataka).
Assistant General Secretaries

Com. Datta Ram, BPM Chalola B.O. Una Division (Himachal Pradesh).
: Com. Arun Kumar Tiwary, BPM Polpol B.O. (via) Satbarwa, Palamau Division (Jharkhand).
: Com. Bejoy Gopal Sur, GDS MD, Manuspur North Hoogly, (West Bengal)
: Com. P. Panduranga Rao BPM.Akkagaripet B.O. Pellakur S.O. Gudur Dn. A.P.Circle.
Treasurer : Com. Rajendra Diwakar, EDMC Ganj P.O. Ajmer (Rajasthan Circle).
Asst. Treasurer : Com. Sohan Singh Saini, BPM Patti B.O. Dist. Hoshiarpur (Punjab).
Organising Secretaries:

Com. Pramod Kr. Singh BPM Tando (Sirathu),Kanshamba,
Allahabad Division, (U.P.)
: Com. Gana Acharya, BPM Panpur B.O.Via;
Jamugurihat, Sonitur (Assam)
And Com. Narayan Chaudhary, Com. Chandrban Mehara, Com. Balaram Rana, Com. H.B.R. Lyngdeh, outgoing office- bearers and Com. C.N. Naidu Hyderabad Stg. Dn. A.P will be the special Invitees of CWC Meetings.
7. Comrades, I on behalf of the newly elected office-bearers as also on my personal behalf hereby extend heartily thanks and gratitude to all members for having reposed their confidence in us; and assure that we shall leave no stone unturned to render the best of our services to secure better conditions for the E.D. employees. We are aware that a great responsibility lies on us and are confident that we shall discharge the responsibilities with sincerity and honesty.
8. Policy and programme:-The 5th All India Conference decides to populise our basic demands through organization/ Mobilisation months April/May, 2008, July/Augsth,2008 March to Parliament and Indefinite strike in consultation with NFPE and other work force in the country.
On all issues concerning service conditions and benefits the GDS are facing discrimination, humiliation and injustice which is opposed, opposed and opposed all along.
The list of anti- GDS measures, problems etc, are appended to the resolution which is illustrative.Thus in order to end the ongoing illegality, attack on the GDS employees the following programme is proposed;-Massive campaign throughout the country urging immediate submission of interim report by the GDS Committee on
1. Extension of working hours - compensation to GDS working more than five hours:There is every scope to extend the working hours of GDS from 5 hours to 7.5 hours. RPLI, PLI and many new works such as RPLI, PLI, electricity bill, phone bills, electoral work, development of extensions in urban and metros etc., are forced on the GDS but without compensation. This aspect is to be viewed objectively for extension of working hours as compensation to the toiling GDS. This way all such posts be departmentalised.
2. INTERIM RELIEF: An Interim relief of Rs.1000/- may be granted to GDS taking all aspects into consideration, viz., workload, financial distress, service conditions etc.
3. GRATUITY: As per Gratuity Act, 1972, the supreme court in a recent judgment upheld the
verdict of Hon'ble High Courts of pubjab and Haryana. Now the model employer Department of post needs to extend it to other GDS employees thereby ending discrimination.
4. PENSION: The most justified demand of the staff side is Pension to this neglected section
of employees. Having served the department and the public upto the age of 65 years in sun and rain, every day GDS are retiring with frustration. On the other hand the Government is considering pension/social security to the unorganized section! It is high time that the demand of Pension may be recommended to GDS without further loss of time.
5. 50% Merger of DA with TRCA: The present raise of 5% in the basic TRCA is totally
irrational and since it will have adverse effect in the ensuing Pay Commission, the benefit of 50% merger with pay for all purposes may be recommended. Utter discrimination meted out this section is the cause of concern and agitation in the minds of GDS.
6. Stop reduction/recovery of TRCA: There are instructions to protect TRCA of GDS and not for reduction! The instructions of the directorate, including 11.10.2004, speak about protection of TRCA but to the dismay of the union the local level officers are indulging in reduction of TRCA against the guidelines and interest of hard working GDS. The very defect in the system of review and misinterpretation of instructions are the causes for the retrograde steps.
7. Full Trade Union facilities including affiliation with federation with federation, JCM:
This is much essential to at least one major recognised union.
ii. Savingram to GDS Committee urging Interim report forthwith.iii March to Parliament from all corners of the country representing GDS from each and
every Taluka(Tasil) places in August/during session of Parliament.
iv Indefinite strike in consultation with NFPE and other work force in the country - Date
will be announced later.
CHQ request all Divisional Circle Secretaries to finalize and successfully implement following programme in impressive manner.

9. VERIFICATION MEMBERSHIP:-The Govt. has issued order No. 13/01/2008-SR Dated 28th Feb, 2008 for re-verification of membership submit their application last date 25th March, 2008 for All India Unions. For re-verification of membership fixing last date for submissions of declaration by members through the Divisional Unions before 15-05-08. In this regard Govt. further Orders will issue before 30th March, 2008 for verification Programme. All Branch/Divisional secretaries are requested to conduct more meetings, Organisational meets at work spot, organise the comrades to our fold. You may meet each and every individual and take all out efforts to enroll all as our member in your divisions/Branches. All Circle Secretaries are requested to draw a tour programme of all Circle union office bearers to visit each and every Division Braches. We should take up the challenge to ensure cent per cent membership. (Declaration Proforma will come to know on 30-03-2008)
10 Amendments to the Constitution: A. The monthly subscription of members shall be as follows Rs. 10/- for all categories of Gramin Dak Sevaks.
Para 39(i) of the constitution may be read as under:
The monthly subscription shall be allocated between the Branch/Divisional/Circle and All
India Unions in the following proportion:

All India Union Rs. 2.50 (2+50 Np Federation/confederation found through CHQ)
Circle Union Rs. 2.00
Branch/Division Union Rs. 5.50
Total= Rs.10/-
And other Amendments to the Constitution unanimously resolved
11. New Constitution of Hindi & English of AIPEDEU (AIGDSU) Available:- New Constitution was Hindi & English published by CHQ kindly to indent & purchase the constitution. This is Rs 20/-including postage charge. Also Now GDS Memorandum available The Copy of the AIPEDEU GDS Memorandum submeted to GDS Commiittee available now the Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to send the cost of the book which is being released at subsidized rate. Further they are requested to make indent for the requirements in bulk so that it will be easy for dispatch. This Memorandum is also translated in Hindi and English /Hindi Book is also available. Rs 30/- per Copy
12. We once again reiterate our resolve to put in all might in betterment of the conditions of the GDS employees. We are confident that we shall receive unique support of our members in our endeavor. With your support we shall fight and march forward to create a win-win situation for the so-long exploited GDS Comrades.
With greetings,
Yours fraternally,

General Secretary