Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Resolutions unanimously resolved in CWC of AIPEDEU held at

GDS/CHQ/1/E /2009                                                                      Dated 08-12-2009



Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy,


Department of Posts ,

Dak Bhavan,



Sub:- Resolutions unanimously resolved in CWC of AIPEDEU held at   

Jamnagar, Gujarat -reg.


This is to submit the following resolutions adopted unanimously in the C.W.C. of AIPEDEU held at Jamnagar,   Gujarat from 20-11-2009 to 21-11-09.

1. Calculation of work load:-

                Unscientific unreasonable measures to reduce grant of TRCA there by assuring proper assessment of work load/ standard. Calculation of work load / standard may be as suggested by our union to all categories of Gramin Dak Sevaks. The method of calculation existing prior to 09-10-2009 may be continued

2. idle wait:-

Owing to the peculiar nature of duties of GDS packer and GDSMC, they are kept idle for some time in the course of their routine duties. The GDS packer after attending his normal duties at the opening of the office has to wait at least half an hour to one hour for his next duty of conveyance/closing of B.O bag/bags. He has to wait at least 20 to 30 minutes at the Bus point for exchange of bags. In the similar way the GDSMC after conveying bags from BOs to SOs has to wait at least half an hour or so on an average to start his backward journey to B.Os, for such waiting there is no provision to grant idle wait while calculating their workload. This may be calculated on an average waiting time.

3. relaxation of age and percentage of marks to appear p.a examination (unfilled quota of L.G. Os exam)

The Maximum age for appearing PA/LGOs examination is 28 years for OC and 33 years for SC and ST. This age limit may be changed to 40 years for OC and 45 years for SC/ST.

All GDS employees who have passed intermediate examination or 10 + 2 Examination may be allowed to attend LGOs Examination instead of imposing equal percentage of marks secured by the last selected candidate.

4. Weightage:-

GDS must be given necessary weight-age for the length of service rendered by them. They may be given the following increments.

1 - 5 years - Nil

6 - 10Years - 1 increment

11 - 15 years: 2 increments

16 - 20 years: 3 increments

21 - 25 years: 4 increments

                The above increments will be added to the pay fixed in the scale to which the GDS are entitled.

5. Business development schemes  - work load:-

The basis of 'points' for calculation of allowance of GDS BPMs has been stipulated in the Directorate letter No. 14-6/87 PAP dated 15-07-87. Thereafter several items  of work have been incorporated to the work of branch offices i.e. sale of prasadams,  magazines, R.P.L.I and NREGS  work etc., It is therefore urged to evolve time factor for the above new items of work and the points be fixed for computation of work load of the BPMs. Similarly what ever the new items of work introduced to the BPMs, the time factor or may please be fixed at the time of its introductions.

Yours faithfully,




         General Secretary.   




GDS/CHQ/1/D /2009                                                                     Dated 08-12-2009                                                                                                          


Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy


Department of posts

Dak  Bhavan

New Delhi – 1


Sub: Grant of full trade union facilities to AIPEDEU – reg.


                We humbly submit the following resolution which is resolved unanimously in the central working committee meeting of AIPEDEU (CHQ) held from 20-11-2009 to 22-11-2009 at   Jamnagar in Gujarath.

                The provision of trade union facilities is a genuine and long pending demand. At present very limited trade union facilities are available to the chief executives of AIPEDEU. Some effective mechanism should be provided to the chief executives to carry out the function of the union.

                The CCS (RSA) rules 1993 have been issued by the department of personal & Training. The issues of EDAs (Recognition of Association) Rules 1995 were issued by the department of Posts, in department of the D.O.P. & T., In this connection it is not out of order to mention that the GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules 2001 also have been issued by the Department of Posts. Several amendments/provisions have been carried out or added to these rules to meet the requirements of the situation by the department.

                We therefore suggest and demand that full trade union rights and Privileges i.e., grant of Foreign service under the F.R. and S.R.S. to the Chief Executive be granted.

                Your effective intervention and initiation will be of great value and for that the entire Gramin Dak Sevak will be thankful.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Yours faithfully,                                                                                                                                                                                                              (S.S.Mahadevaiah)

                                                                              General Secretary.