Saturday, November 28, 2009

CHQ Circular

No.GDS/CHQ/5/1/2009                                            Dated:26/11/2009                              


All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries,                                                                       
All CWC Members All India Postal GDS Employees Union

Central Working Committee MEETING

           I am happy to inform you that the Central working committee of our A.I.P.E.D.E.U. met at   Shri Kunvarbai Jain Dharmshala New Jail Road Jamnagar , Gujarat on 20th to 22nd    November, 2009 under the president ship of Com. D. N. Giri Prisident CHQ.  The C.W.C. open session was held on 22-11-2009 and inaugurated by Dharmadhikari Shri Dharmabandhuji Gau Palak (Pransla) and the open session was addressed by Shri Vikrambhai Madam Hon'ble M.P. Jamnagar, Com. K. Ragavendran, Secretary General NFPE, Com. K.B. Barot Working President P-III,Com. B.M. Jadeja Circle President, GDS Union Gujarat, Com.Saradbhai Teraiya Org. Secretary P-IV CHQ, Shri Raghvjibhai Patel, Hon'ble MLA Dhral, Com. R.S. Malek Circle Secretary P-IV Gujarat, Com. S.K. Vaishnav AC/S P-III Gujarat, Com. Asha V. Joshi Circle Secretary, GDS Union Gujarat Circle, Com. G.S. Asiwal Ex C/S P –III, M.P. Circle, Com. D.P. Diwakar, and others greeted. The C.W.C. was inaugurated by Com. G.S. Asiwal Ex C/S P –III, M.P. Circle on 20-11-2009.

          The C.W.C. members who have attended the meeting debated and deliberated the issues at length.  After fruitful discussion, the C.W.C. adopted valuable resolutions on the issues confronting the GDS employees.

 Resolution on policy and programme .

           This meeting of the Central working committee of All India postal Extra Departmental Employees Union in its session held on   20th to 22nd    November, 2009 at Shri Kunvarbai Jain Dharmshala New Jail Road Jamnagar, Gujarat unanimously resolves:-

That the seriously considered the pros and cons   of the GDS committee recommendations and orders issued at present. This CWC has again come to the conclusion that it is not to the satisfaction of the GDS employees. The orders issued by the Government/Dept. of Posts, vide letter No. 6-1/2009-PEII dated 9.10.2009, require improvements/modifications forthwith.

That the suggestion of Shri.Nataraja Murti report proposing amendment to GDS rules and to deny applicability of ID Act 1947 for much exploited GDS is fatal and hence opposed vehimently. Our issues should have been examined by the 6th CPC as per Talwar Committee recommendations. Rename of GDS (Conduct and Employment) Rules 2001 as (Conduct and Engagement) is also to worsen the present status of GDS employees and hence we oppose this suggestion. Further there is no need to outsource or franchise the services of rural net work and the suggestion there of need to be scrapped.  One point for each 5000/-of cash handling would be ideal and reasonable the committee observed.                 

The CWC of AIPEDEU further discussed the very serious pending problems and following resolutions are adopted.  

(a).   Undue delay in granting Grant of Status, Pension/Social Security,     Medical, ACP, HRA,SDA, Transport Allowance and other items.  

(b).   Denial of Full Trade Union Facilities like re-constitution of Departmental ED/GDS committee, Regional JCM to GDS and grant of special leave, beyond 180 days, for     the Chief Executive of the All India Union of the AIPEDEU, which is the only recognised union for GDS as per new recognition Rules.

The CWC of AIPEDEU at Jamnagar decides to organize Divisional/State level conventions at state capitals and national level convention finally. 
The CHQ requests all Divisional Circle Secretaries to finalize and successfully implement above programme purposefully.


1.       In the month of December 2009 Divisional level convention mobilize more       members and popularize our demands and invite local prominent Trade        Union leaders and public leaders. Also handover memorandum to MPs,    MLAs and Chief Ministers.

2.       15th December 2009 Divisional level Massive Dharna before Divisional Office for Solidarity support to Extend to RMS Strike if need further programme will be announced by the CHQ.

3.       January and February 2010 State level convention. Also handover memorandum to MPs, MLAs and Chief Ministers.

4.       This metting of Central Working Committee calls upon all Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries of AIPEDEU to stage intensive demonstration/Hunger fast on 20-1-2010 at all levels and to pass a suitable resolution. The Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries to send Telegrams / Savingrams to the Hon'ble Minister for Communications & IT, Minister of State for Communications & IT expressing their strong resentment of the issue.

5.       The National level convention/conference in the Month of February/March 2010.This Central Working Committee further authorizes the General Secretary, AIPEDEU to finalize further programme of action like March to Parliament or direct action   in case the demand is not met within reasonable time.

All Branch/Divisional Secretaries should ensure active participation.  CHQ will     issue detailed circular regarding national convention etc.


v  The CWC filled up vacant post of assistant Treasurer of AIPEDE Union. The Central Working Committee unanimously elected the following Shri Narayana Chaudhary, Circle Secretary, A.I.P.E.D.E.U. (C.H.Q.) G.D.S. M.P. P.O. Gole Bazar, Bilaspur, (Chhattisgarh), as assistant Treasurer of AIPEDE Union (CHQ)

v  The CWC also authorizes the CHQ for having legal test if the situation demands for the status of the GDS employees.


v  The CWC unanimously decides that Rs 200/= should be remitted from each and every member to the CHQ for building the CHQ office and to meet the legal expenses .All Branch/Divisional Secretaries should ensure to clear dues as well as donations as already appealed by the CHQ without fail.  

Please note:

v All Circle/Divisional/Office bearers are required to ensure proper fixation of TRCA and payment of 40% arrears. Many Circles/Divisions Paid arrears before31.10.2009 still many more are to gear up and avoid further delay. Also list out problems, anomalies and Send to CHQ


With greetings,


Yours fraternally,



(S.S. Mahadevaiah)

                    General Secretary