Thursday, December 24, 2009

Revision of Norms for cash handling for work load assessment of Branch Postmasters.

GDS/CHQ/41/12/2009 Dated: 25.12.2009


Sri A.K. Sharma,

Dy.Director General (Esstt.)

Department of Posts

Dak Bhavan,

New Delhi—110001

Subject: - Revision of Norms for cash handling for work load assessment of Branch Postmasters.

Ref: - Letter no. 14-6/87-PAP dated 15.12.2009.


We feel that the revised norm of "point for every 20000/- Cash transaction in a month" is a bit to harsh and required to be given a re-look. You will kindly agree that the G.C. notes handled in a Branch Post office are comparatively of small denomination and more frequently in coins. The G.C. notes of Rs.500/- or Rs. 1000/- are not handled in the BOs. The NREGS Payments are in broken amounts and so are the old age pensions. The rural people contribute to the small savings schemes in form of small GC notes and coins. The factors make the difference between the cash handled in HOs/Sos on one hand and the same in BOs. In This connection we invite your reference to our note on the subject submitted vide letter no GDS/CHQ/41/1/2008 dated 14-11-2008 we had suggested there in giving our logic and statistics, that for every amount of Rs.5000/- of cash handling one point of work should be computed.

Secondly, before finalizing the norms, we feel, our opinion and views should have been sought so that the views of both sides should have been taken a balanced view of. In this connection, we submit that our note dated14-11-2008 referred to above may be treated as our views.

Thirdly, we submit that the amount of remittance received and made should also be treated as cash handled. The amount of remittance received has got to be counted and verified and these days when take notes are in circulation, the G.C. notes have to be minutely checked and this consumers its own share of time similarly, in case of remittances made, the G.C. notes received in transaction has go to be segregated denomination wise and the counted to make the amount of remittance made. This again has its own share of time consumed.

We, therefore, request you kindly to take these points into consider, revise the prescribed norms vide dte letter under reference and issue necessary revised equitable norms.
Yours faithfully
(S.S. Mahadevaiah)
General Secretary

Copy forward to: - All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries and CHQ office bearers. They are requested to refer to our circular letter no GDS/CHQ/5/12009 dated 25-11-2009 in which a call for Dharna/demonstration has been given. This issue may be included there is and saveingram/fax sent to the D.G.(P) and to the CHQ.

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)

General Secretary

GDS/CHQ/41/12/2009 Dated:24.12.2009


The Director General,

Department of Posts

Dak Bhavan,

New Delhi—110001

Sub: Implementation of recommendations of R.S. Nataraja Murti

Committee—Revision of wage structure of Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS)

Ref: Your letter no. 6-1/2009-PEII dated 10.12.2009


We very strongly and justifiably feel that fresh assessment of work load in order to apply the new TRCA slabs of BPMs i.e. 87.5, 112.5 and 125 points will be delayed affair and the employees will supper loss till the re-assessment of work load is completed. The points of existing work load are available in every Divisional office and the new slabs may be applied based on those points and fresh assessment undertaken in due course. This will undo the delay that otherwise is sure to take place. According to the pervious verification, of course the points of work load were arrived at and the BPMS with work-load up to 75 points were placed in the first scale and the those above that up to any point were placed in scale two. Based on that assessment, the new slabs may be arrived at to avoid delay.

We, therefore, request you kindly to consider this and issue orders that the new slabs be also applied based on the existing figures pending fresh assessment of work-load.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)

General Secretary

Copy forward to: - All Circle Secretaries & CHQ office bearers.



Government of India

Ministry of Communications & IT

Department of Posts

(PAP Section)

Dak Bhawan,Sansad Marg,

New Delhi - 110001

Dated: 15 December 2009

All Chief Postmasters General

Postmasters General

All General Managers (Finance)/

Director of Accounts (Postal)

Sub: Revision of Norm for cash handling for work load assessment of Branch Postmaster.

I am directed to invite your kind attention to Para 2(b) of Directorate letter No.14-6/87-PAP dated 15.7.87, wherein the norms for fixation of the work load of the Branch Postmaster in Point system was communicated.

2. As per the above letter,, the norm for cash transactions was fixed as " 1 Point for every Rs.1000 cash transactions in a month".

3. The Department has undertaken a work study for fixing the norms for cash handling by the Branch Postmasters. The IWSU of the Directorate has recommended for fixing the norms for cash handling by Branch Postmasters as Rs.20000/- per month for earning one point of work load. The Competent authority in consultation with Integrated Finance Wing after careful examination, has accepted the recommendations of the internal Work Study Unit of the Department. Consequently, the existing norm for cash handling for the Branch Postmasters is revised as " 1 Point for every Rs.20000/- cash transactions in a month" in supersession of the earlier order communicated vide letter No.14-6/87-PAP dated 15.7.87.

4. The cash handled on account of Money Order issue/payment, Savings Bank/RS deposits/withdrawals, RPLI collections/Bill collection and Bill Payments will constitute the items of cash handling. The remittances received from Account Office or sent to Account Office shall be excluded while computing the cash handling.

5. The above revised norm will apply with immediate effect.

6. The Heads of the Circles will please bring the contents of this letter to the notice of all concerned and ensure scrupulous observance of the revised norm.

7. This issues in consultation with Integrated Finance Wing vide Note dated 10.9.2008.


(Surender Kumar)

Asstt. Director General (GDS/PCC)