Thursday, September 6, 2012


No.GDS/CHQ/1/5/2012                                                                    Dated 27-08-2012


All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries,
All CWC Members, A.I.P.E.D.E.U.     

Dear Comrades,

An Historical and colourful convention of AIPEDEU in Delhi

All India Convention of AIPEDEU was successful held on 24th August, 2012 at Agrawal Dharmasala, Model Town-II in Delhi. No doubt it remained ever least an historical and colourful convection in the history of Postal Trade Union movement as adopted for most important resolutions and decided the serious Agitational programme for the settlement of GDS problems which has been long pending.

The convention commenced at 10:00 hours starting with flag hosting. Our All India president Com. D.N. Giri and our General Secretary Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah hoisting the National and AIPEDEU flags followed by thunderous slogans raised by more than 1800 delegated from 21 Circle to the convention.

After the flag hoisting all the C.W.C. members, Circle Secretaries and veteran leaders of the postal trade union movement were honored with garlands and mementos.

Com. Gurudas Das Gupta, M.P.  Loksabha and General Secretary AITUC inaugurated the convention and extend all his support on behalf of AITUC to the struggles of AIPEDEU. He assured us the long pending problems such as Regularisation, Bonus Ceiling of Rs. 3500/-, Pay protection etc. would be raised in the parliament to put pressure on the Government. He suggested us that there is no way expect struggles to achieve our justified demands. Com. G.L. Dhar, Secretary, AITUC, Com. P. Suresh, General Secretary, R-IV, Com. K.K. Sharma, Vice President, NFPE, Com. B.G. Thamankar, Ex-President, NFPE, Com. S.R. Shukla, Ex- All India President, R-III, Com. H.S. Guleria, Circle Secretary, P-III, H.P. Circle, Com. G.S. Asiwal, Ex-AGS and Ex-Circle Secretary, P-III, Com. Niranjan Rawat, Ex. Circle Secretary, P-III, Odiss, Com. D.P. Diwaker, Ex-Circle President, P-IV, Com. Bhim Singh, Ex-Circle Secretary, P-IV, Com. Gulab Singh, NFPE leader Punjab Circle, Com. Ajay Singh, P-III, UP, Com. R.K. Soni, P-III, M.P. and other P-III, P-IV leaders greeted and addressed the Convention and extended their full support to AIPEDEU.

General Secretary Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah discussed elaborately the most-pressing problems of GDS employees and the attitude of the Dept. of posts and the Govt. of India towards its settlement. He appealed to all comrades to strengthen our union and put all efforts to build unity among the GDS. Com. B.V. Rao, Assistant General Secretary, Placed the declaration in the house for adoption and it was seconded by Com. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Vice President CHQ the declaration was unanimously adopted by the house without any alterations and modifications.

The first Central Working committee after 7th AIC was successfully conducted on 23rd August  2012 at Agrawal Dharamasala, Delhi. Out off 22 Circles 21 Circles attended the meeting and discussed at length on pressing problems of GDS. Out of 15 office bearers 14 office bearers attend.Com. B.G. Thamankar, Ex-President, NFPE , was inaugurated  the CWC.
Later Com. B.V. Rao, Asst. General Secretary proposed following resolutions for the acceptance of house. After explanation the resolution by Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah, General Secretary, all the resolutions have been unanimously accepted.

1)    Grant status/regularization as Govt. servant to GDS employees recommended by Justice Talwar Committee. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in its land mark Judgement dated 22-04-1977 held that the Extra Departmental agents (Now Gramin Dak Sevaks) are holders of Civil Posts.
2)    Grant Bonus ceiling of Rs. 3500/- to GDS at par with Departmental employees. It is grass injustice and discrimination to deny Bonus to these low paid employees.
3)    Implement Government officers committee recommendations regarding cash handling points to BMPs, Pay protection, cash conveyance allowance etc.
4)    Implement immediately RSBY (Medical Scheme) as the cabinet has approved.
5)    Grant compassionate appointments to all by removing conditions and norms prescribed recently.
6)    Grant ACP promotion and financial up gradation to GDS.
7)    Stop abolition of GDS posts and filling up all vacant posts in cadres of GDS in postal and RMS wings.
8)    Scrap the new recruitment rules for appointment of postmen/MTS. Restore the old rules. Provide 25% promotion as postmen to senior GDS officials. Stop 25% recruitment from open market.
9)    Grant Dearness allowance to casual labour, contingent part time and MMC workers which has been stoped without any reason for four years.
10) Grant revised wages to casual labour, contingent part time and MMC workers on the basis of committee recommendations.

The CHQ sought the opinions of Divisional Secretaries for the future course of agitation. All the Divisional Secretaries attended the convention suggested and demanded in one voice to go uncompromised indefinite strike to achieve our justified demands. All the C.W.C members and Circle Secretaries supported it keeping the vies and opinions of the Divisional, Circle Secretaries and C.W.C members CHQ issued the following programme of action.

1)    Conduct hunger fast on 1-10-2012 at public place all over India. 
2)    Sent memorandum to the finance minister, Communication minister and Secretary Posts by Fare on 5-10-2012. The memorandum copies are sending along with this circular.
3)    Conduct rally at Divisional Head Quarters on 9-10-2012.
4)    Dates of Agitation will be announced later in consultation with our well wishers, other unions and Federations.

Dear Comrades, you are all aware that we were sent out from JCA unilaterally by NFPE after April, 2012. We wish to form another JCA with other unions and Federations to fight against the retrograde recommendations of Nataraja Murthy Committee.

It is informed by the dept. of posts that only 175,129 applications have been received regarding service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS). Most of the applications submitted to the Divisional heads by the GDS have been retained by themselves. Kindly approach the Divisional Heads and pursue to speed up the process to avoid delay for implementation of this scheme. Ask the GDS who have not joined the scheme to join and get benefit.

Comrades, May we remind you once again that the Quota and Dues will add to our strength in fighting out our demands. The receipt of Quota is not satisfactory. May I hope that you will pay serious attention to this matter?

Formation of “AllIndia Postal ,RMS casual labour, contingent part time and MMS workers Union” at circle and divisional levels as Associate member of AIPEDEU.

 The central working committee and National convention  of AIPEDEU HELD ON 23-08-2012 at agrarwal dharmashala model town Delhi unanimously resolved to form “All India Postal ,RMS casual labour, contingent part time and MMS workers Union” at circle and divisional levels as Associate member of AIPEDEU. All our circle /division/Branch secretaries are requested to intimate the task immediately our comrades have already formed the union at circle and divisional level in Andhra Pradesh.

Women convention in Gujarat circle
All India women convention of AIPEDEU will be held in themonth of December 2012 at Jamnagar , Gujarat CHQ vice-president and circle secretary Gujarat circle com. Asha ben Joshi is started to make all efforts to success the convention all our circle /divisional /branch secretaries are requested to circulate about the all India convention among our women comrade sand make them to attend the convention in good manner.

Inquilab Zindabad

AIPEDEU Zindabad

GDS Unity Zindabad

                                       Yours fraternally
                                   (S.S. Mahadevaiah)
                                  General Secretary