Sunday, March 15, 2009


सिर्क्लुरे ह्न्धी

नीचे वाले लिंक को क्लिक करें हिन्दी सर्कुलर मील जायेगा


No. GDS/CHQ/5/1/2009 Dated: 15/03/2009

All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries,

All CWC Members All India Postal GDS Employees Union

Subject: - Developments that have taken so far in Connection with the revision

of the pay and allowances of the G.D.S employees and allied matters.

Dear Comrades,

We give here under the short details of the developments that have taken place including the naked onslaught on the functioning our union। What the Postal administration wants is to browbeat us into submission and depart from our demand of pro-rata benefits and accept what-so-ever the administration seeks to over. Some quarters would like to create a wrong notion that the union is standing in the way of whatever little the administration is willing to give. Yes, we are not ready to accept whatever little the Postal administration seeks to offer, we want our due share, due benefits which must be pro-rata as per the accepted principles. Let us elaborate:

1 (i) After submission of the report of Justice Talwar Committee a similar situation had developed। The Administration issued an order of the allowances being revised by multiplication of a factor of 3.25. Had we accepted that the TRCA which is actually pay-scale—prorata the corresponding category of departmental employees-and similar increment would not have come. We had the patience and will to have the due share and ultimately it came. This time also the administration wants to tax our patience. We are not going to be swayed away. We shall win and have our pro-rata benefits.

ii After Justice Talwar Committee's report the principle to base the pay-scale (TRCA) and increment on the principle of pay-scale of corresponding departmental employees was adopted by group of Ministers of union Government and the Postal administration, by adopting any method is not competent to reverse the same। Therefore we have Justifiably demanded the pay-scale/pay band based on that principle as:-


GDS Mail peon/runners

/packers etc.

Pro-rate the pay of the Group 'D' Staff now known as multi-skilled group 'C' which starts from Rs.7000/-Per months


GDS/Stamp vendor

/Mail deliverer (Postman)

Pro-rata the pay of departmental Postmen who have been placed is the pre-revised scale of Rs.3200-4900 (Revised to begin with more than Rs.8000/- Per months.



Pro-rata pay of the Mail overseer who have been placed is the pre-revised scale of Rs.4000-6000 (Revised to begin with Rs.9840 per month)

(d) We wait similar increment and fitment formula as is available to the departmental employees.

(iii) The Departmental is slowly improving its offers but wants to confine to fringe benefits like

office maintence allowance or stationery allowance etc। We fight for the basic issues.

(2) Comrades, we created maximum pressure. Sensing that the election process was starting and model code of conduct would be is place, we thought is fit not to waste the energy by resorting to strike and hence deferred the proposed strike from 3.3.2009.

(3) Comrades, The Conciliation process by the chief Labour Commissioner is on. We have requested the Chief Labour Commissioner to have negotiations in the presence. The Department is irked by it. It wants to settle the issue arbitrarily according to its own sweet will and not based on accepted principles. The Administration wants to reverse the principles and set a new principle not to base or relate the pay and allowances of G.D.S employees with Corresponding category of departmental employees.

Comrades, this is a very dangerous move and once we fall in the trap, we shall lose our claim to pro-rata pay and allowances for ever. Can we accept such a proposition? We hope the emphatic answer will be 'No'.

So, Comrades we have to have some patience and will to suffer and to have only what is due to us। We shall ultimately get the full benefits.

(4) The conciliation meeting will the Chief Labour commissioner scheduled on 12.03.2009 did not take place as the CLC is otherwise engaged some where else. The meeting will now be held on 17.03.2009. We shall force-fully place the due demands before the CLC.

(5) In the meantime, the department has cancelled further leave of Com। S.S. Mahadevaiah, General Secretary and Chief executive of the union on and shown its then character. The intention is that the functioning o the union should be immobilized and brought to a stand still. This is a strong arm tactics and unfair labour practice under I.D Act,1947 to force us to submission, which we refuse to do. Comrade, this is a fight for liberation of the G.D.S employees and we shall have to give some sacrifice. But the question is that department can not have as hostage the union of the 2. 80 lac employees who are solely behind the union. But a temporary suffering-very painful suppering has been inflicted. I as the victim of this onslaught offer myself to supper the pain.

Comrades, we have placed the bare facts before you so that some vested interests do not create some confusion which may be harmful to the organisation। We have firm belief that the entire G.D.S fraternity stands to fight for the liberation of the class.

Enroll fresh membership: Comrades, you are aware that declarations from such friends who have not become members of our union are to be submitted to the DDO (Post Master concerned) by 30th of April. You are requested that such declarations are collected from the staff and submitted positively by 30.4.2009 to the concerned Post Master.

We request you kindly to translate this circular letter in local language and circulate among the staff. This fact may be explained to the membership through group meetings are meetings and general body meetings.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

(S।S. Mahadevaiah)

General Secretary.