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सिर्क्लुरे ह्न्धी

सिर्क्लुरे ह्न्धी

नीचे वाले लिंक को क्लिक करें हिन्दी सर्कुलर मील जाएगा

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NO, GDS/CHQ/5/1/2009 Dated: 27-01-2009

All C.H.Q. Office bearers/All Circle Secretaries,
All Divisional/Branch Secretaries,AIPEDEU.

Sub:- Attack mounted on Gramin Dak Sevaks by the G.D.S. Committee of Sri R.S.Nataraja Murti and endorsed by the Group of Officers of Sri P.K.Gopinath.

Dear Comrades,

We had our own apprehensions about any Committee of bureaucrats, be it under Sri R.S.Nataraja Murti or Sri P.K.Gopinath. Our apprehensions have come true. The main concern of the bureaucracy is that the down trodden Gramin Dak Sevaks should not get their due, should not get justice. We donot understand the reason behind such attitude. We donot know whether this approach has the approval of the political leadership. The political leadership swears by uplift of the down trodden and of course has come forward with several general plans. Then why these approaches of the bureaucracy – probably those drawing about a lakh of rupees per month wish that the G.D.S. employees must be made to be crushed under their boots. We are hopeful – rather confident – that the political leadership, especially the Hon'ble Minister for Communications & I.T will intervene and ensure justice and fair deal to us defeating the negative attitude of the bureaucracy.

Comrades, by this time you have been acquainted with the negativities of the report of the GDS Committee which has been meekly and almost entirely endorsed by the Group of Officers. Surprisingly and shockingly the Group of Officers has gone to even drastically curtail the suggestions of the G.D.S. Committee advancing lame, biased views. We have already given our short views and written to the Secretary, Department of Posts not to push the negative recommendations in haste without proper consultation with us or the same will be counter productive.

We called on Sri A.Raja, Hon'ble Minister for Communications & I.T. and Sri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, Hon'ble Minster of State for Communications & I.T. and the attitude of the Hon'ble Ministers has been positive and encouraging. We hope their intervention will result in justice to us.

But we are apprehensive that the bureaucracy will try to put spokes in the wheel. Hence we shall have to be on out toes to come up with any resistance against the injustice. We fear that some people are trying to hoodwink this union. We shall have to remain united and prepared for all eventualities.

Keeping this in view we are holding an "enlarged meeting of the Central Working Committee" which will be attended by Divisional Secretaries, in additions to the CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries, for larger representation and broader expression of views. The meeting will start at 6.00 P.M on 11.2.2009 and will continue till 12.2.2009. On 13th we shall organise a massive "March to Parliament".

The meeting of the "enlarged meeting of the Working Committee" on 11.2.2009 and 12.2.2009 will be held at Maharaja Aggarsain Bhawan, Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, Shankar Chowk, Trinagar, Delhi- 110035. This venue is near Kanhaiyanagar station of Delhi Metro Rail station.

We call upon you to ensure and observe the following programme.

1. Massive demonstration and rally before the office of the Circle/Regional head on 6.2.2009.
2. The neighbouring Circle/Divisional Unions of Rajasthan /Punjab /Haryana/ Delhi/U.P/M.P/H.P/Uttarkhand and other Circles to ensure large and massive participation in the "March to Parliament" on 13.2.2009.
3. All CHQ office-bearers/Circle Secretaries/Divisional Secretaries to attend the "enlarged meeting of Working Committee" to start at 6.00 P.M sharp 0n 11.2.2009.
4. Since the members are fully acquainted with the negativities and attack by the Nataraja Murti Committee or Group of Officers of Sri P.K.Gopinath, the members should come fully prepared with data information and concrete suggestions.

The CHQ assures that no step will be big enough for us to take to achieve justice to the G.D.S. employees. We shall succeed.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

S.S. Mahadevaiah,
General Secretary.

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