Friday, August 1, 2008


No. GDS/CHQ/5/1/2008
Dated: 1st August, 2008
All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries,
All CWC Members A.I.P.E.D.E.U.

Dear Comrades,

We are furnishing hereunder some recent developments concerning the postal employees in general and GDS employees in particular.

Central Working Committee Meeting
The Central working committee of our union met at Aggrawal Dhrmashala MODEL TOWN – II, Delhi – from 29-08-2008 to 31-08-2008 under the presidentship of Com. D. N. Giri Prisident CHQ. The C.W.C. was inaugurated by Com. K. Raghavendran, Secretary General NFPE, and the open session was addressed by Com.K. V. Srideran General Secretary, P-III Com. P. Suresh General Secretary R-IV, Com. B.G. Tamahnkar, Ex. President NFPE, Com. R.A.P. Singh, Ex-General Secretary, P-III, Com. D.P. Diwakar, Com. Somnth Mukrje Dy. G/S P-III, Com, Belvindhar Singh, Asst. Treasurer P-III, and others.

The C.W.C. members who attended the meeting debated and deliberated the items of aginda at length. After thorough discussion, the C.W.C. adopted valuable resolutions on the issues confronting the GDS employees.
T.U. Class
A Trade Union training session was held on 29th July, 2008. Com. D.P. Diwakar while addressing the session dwelt upon the history of NFPE in detail and important events the trade union movement. Com. B.G. Tamhankar dealt with the minute aspects of the Right to information Act 2005. Com. R.A.P. Singh in his addess to the session mainly dealt with the basies of trade union movement especially with the economic and political aspects.
Resolution on policy and programme .
This meeting of the Central working committee of All India postal Extra Departmental Employees Union in session on 29th, 30th & 31st of July 2008 at Aggarwal Dhrmashala, Model Town-II, Delhi-7, seriously considered the pros and cons of the extension sought by and granted to Sri R.S Nataraja Murthy committee on GDS issues. This CWC has come to the conclusion that all does not appear to be well in the thinking of the Nataraja murthy committee with respect to the GDS employees.

This CWC is of strong opinion that the denial of audience by the Secretary, Department of post to the representatives of this union to record protest against the extension is not only bureaucratic but displays the contemptuous attitude of the Secretary, Department of Posts towards the GDS employees. This Union has already that demanded to submit an interim report of Sri Natarajamurthy Committee, which is yet to be directed to the Committee be submitted on basic issued, but no direction has been issued to Natarajamurthi Committee nor any intimation sent to the union.

To press the demand of the GDS employees that Sri Nataraja murthy committee must submit its report on the pay and allowances of the GDS employees while the second part of the report could be submitted latter, this CWC resolves that a sustained struggle must be waged.

This metting of Central Working Committee calls upon all Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries of AIPEDEU to stage intensive demonstration on 18-08-2008 at all levels and to pass a suitable resolution. The Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries to send Telegrams / Savingrams to the Hon'ble Minister for Communications & IT, Minister of State for Communications & IT expressing their strong resentment of the issue.

This Central Working Committee further authorizes the General Secreary, AIPEDEU to finalize further program of action in consultation with sister Unions and Federation viz.,March to Parliament, indefinite strike in case the demand is not met by the given time.

Resolution II
This meeting of the Central Working Committee of All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union in session at Aggrawal Dharamshala Delhi form 29 to 31.07.2008 expresses its grave concern over the lethargic functioning of Sri Natarajamurthy Committee constituted to study and make recommendation of Pay and Allowances and Service conditions of the GDS employees. The extension of three months sought by and granted to the Committee betrays lack of justification, commitment and sincerity of the Committee.

This CWC very seriously feels that the Committee in order to avail the luxuries of the office on the Government cost about 2.8 lakh GDS employees for a ride and has put them to ransom. This CWC expresses its gravest disapproval of the attitude of the Committee.

This CWC records its serous disapproval of the bureaucratic attitude of the Secretary, Department of Posts, who very arrogantly denied an audience to the representatives of this Union who tried to communicate their reservation on the extension sought by Sri Nataraja Murthy Committee.

This CWC expresses its deep apprehension that this extension of the term of Sri Nataraja Murthy Committee is fraught with dangers of the serious injustice and discrimination against the GDS employees.

This CWC, therefore, keeping in view every aspect of the issues involved demands that the Sri Natarajamurthy Committee be asked and submit its report on the pay and allowances latest by the 20th August 2008 and the second part of the report in respect of other issues may be submitted later but not later thau the last date of the extended period.

In case it is not done, the members of the Union would be left with no alternative but to wage a sustained struggle to draw the public attention towards the injustice and to achieve the genuine demands.
One Day Strike On 20.08.2008:-
Notice for one day takon on 20.08.2008 has been served by the NFPE which is an affiliate of the Confederation of Central Government employees and workers. We have also served notice to go on strike on 20-08-08. As always we shall contribute our share to the strike. We support the call and our members will participate in the strike with all zeal and valour. We do support the demands including GDS issues regualisation and grant of Pension and all other benefit to Gramin Dak Sevaks.The dession of the Countrywide General Strike on 20th August 2008 was taken unanimously at a envention organised by all Central Trade Unions and employees federations.This is the first time that all Central Trade Unions issued call including the demand of regualisation of GDS employees, grant of Pension and all other social benefits.We, therefore, call upon our members to mobilize and organize the strike with all strength. A copy of the notice is enclosed herwith for information and necessary action.

Remittance of Quota:-
The Directorate has approved the amendments made in the Constitution in the All India Connfrence held at Rewa vide its letter no. 15-02/2008-SR Dated 08-07-08 and the copy of same was all redey sent to branches for information and necessary action.

All Circle secretaries are requested to coution all the Divisional Secretaries during this month to remit Quota to the Circle/CHQ.
Amendments to the Constitution: A. The monthly subscription of members shall be as follows
Article 38(a) Rs. 10/- be substituted in the Place of Rs. 5/-
Article 39(I) : Allocation. It may be substituted as follows:
All India Union Rs. 2.50 (0.50 paise for struggle fund/Coordination committee, through CHQ)
Circle Union: Rs. 2.00
Br/Division: Rs. 5.50
Total= Rs.10-00

All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries should ensure prampt remit of Quota to Circle/All India Union at the rate of Rs 2/- & Rs 2.50 respectively. The remittance should be made regularly and there should not any lapse in remittance which will be viewed seriously.

All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries are requested to mobilise members for the grand success of struggle programme, General Strike on 20th August 2008 and to give wide publicity to the demand particlrly the regulrisation of GDS Employees.

With struggle greetings,
Yours fraternally,
General Secretary
Text of Telegram/Sovingram
"Request that the Sri Natarajamurthy Committee be asked and submit its report on the pay and allowances latest by the 20th August 2008 and the second part of the report in respect of other issues may be submitted latter but not the last date of the extended period to avoid injustice and discrimination to Gramin Dak Sevak employees."

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