Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Historic Indefinite strike of the GDS employees and further developments.

CHQ Circular  Historic Indefinite strike  of the GDS employees and further developments.

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No.GDS/CHQ/1/5/2015                        Dated 23-03-2015


All Circles/Divisional/ Branch Secretaries of All India GraminDakSevaks Union All India Office Bearers….

Subject:-  Historic Indefinite strike  of the GDS employees and further developments.

Dear Comrades,

     Hats off and militant salutations for the heroic struggle Our members have fought which forced the administration to see the reality. We just be failing in our duty if we do not extend our hearty congratulations to those comrades belonging to other unions who actively participated in the strike. We also extend our heartiest thanks to several members of parliament who fought our case in the house while we were fighting in the field. The media in the states also deserves our thanks for highlighting our struggle prominently though we did not get that support of the media at Delhi.

Comrades, the occasion for a strike arise because the administration had done enough spade work towards appointing an GDS committee under a retired bureaucrat. They had to revert. Hence we have rightly hit before damage could be done to 2.60 Lakhs GDS employees by appointment of aNatraja Murthy like committee. The administration played all tactics to thwart our struggle again. A reference to the government to include our issues in the terms of reference of the 7th pay commission was a calculated step to mislead the members and also other agencies. We are really proud of our heroic comrades that they refused to fall into the trap. Comrades the administration under took another tactics to mislead our comrades at circle, divisional and branch formations where they miserably failed. The misgivings of the administration that GDS employees cannot wage a sustained fight has been proved entirely wrong by brave comrades. We really are running short of words to thank the Comrades.

Comrades, the assistant labour commissioner began conciliation proceedings and finally the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) had to step in. The CHQ was ably represented by Comrade S.S.Mahadevaiah General Secretary, Com. B.V.Rao Assistant General Secretary, Com. Lakhwinder Pal Sing Treasurer, Com. C.B. Tiwari AGS and CS U.P., Com. R.P. Diwakar AGS, Com. Vijay Sharma CS Haryana. The department tried to hoodwink us and failed again.

On 19-3-2015 following the deliberations, the Chief Labour Commissioner (C) recorded the following minutes which is self explanatory.

They (The Administration) also submitted that they have already referred the matter to the department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance to consider their issue for inclusion the terms and reference to the 7th CPC. In case the government does not include GDS wage structure and service conditions in terms and reference of the 7th CPC, The Department of Posts will examine the issue of constitution of the committee and consider the suggestions of the union in this regard.

The CLC then requested us to call off the strike and also requested the Department to initiate negotiations on other issues.

We accordingly called off the strike honouring the request of the CLC (C) and believing the offer of the Department on 20-3-2015. The full minutes of the minutes of the meeting with the CLC (C) signed by the CLC (C), the administration and the union is put on our website.

  Two hours meeting was held on 23.03.2015 to discuss and decide the charter of demands in D.G. office. The meeting was started at 3-30 PM and ended at 5-30PM. Discussions were held in congenial atmosphere.

 Sri Sekhar Kumar Sinha, member (HRD), Smt. Anju Nigam, Deputy Director General (SR and Legal) and Sri. Arun Malik, Director (SR & Legal) attended the meeting. Com. S.S.Mahadevaiah, General Secretary, Com. B.V.Rao Asst. General Secretary, Com. Lakhwinder Pal Singh, Treasurer, Com. Ram Singh, Circle President, M.P., attended from union side.

We discussed at length on charter of demands and conveyed our views to the department for the consideration.

The minutes of the meeting are herewith enclosed.
Comrades, we fought in right time to put the pressue on the department. Our struggle is continuing for ever for the betterment of GDS employees. Organize and strengthen our union. CHQ requests all to convene meetings at all levels to review the indefinite strike to overcome weakness. 
Comrades we again bow our heads in salutations before the steal like unity under strong will of our comrades.

Red salute to all. 
                                                                             Yours faithfully

                                                                               General Secretary