Thursday, September 4, 2014


First Floor, Post Office Building, Padamnagar, Delhi 110007

No.GDS/CHQ/1/5/2014                                                                                                        Dated 22-08-2014

All Circles / Divisional/ Branch Secretaries of All India G. D.S.Union, All India Office Bearers….

Dear Comrades,

We have submitted our memorandum advancing solid suggestions to the 7th Pay Commission. We have tried to show that the Gramin Dak Sevaks are employees of the Central Government and are covered by the terms of reference of the commission. The memorandum is available on our website. We shall shortly be publishing the memorandum for the benefit of such comrades who do not have the facility of internet on a nominal cost.

Comrades, while we are working day and night for the uplift of Gramin Dak Sevak Comrades, there are some destructive forces who are trying to break our unity and spiting poison against us. Their aim is many fold from trying to cover their own weakness to generating more money for their personal life style and create obstruction in our way so that we do not register benefits for the Gramin Dak Sevaks. Their aim is also political and having lost their hegemony on political arena they want and to have their hegemony on trade union front by breaking the workers unity. Though they outwardly chant “workers unity-Zindabad”, they believe in disunity and devastating working class.
We shall put the records straight and clear. After comrade R.N. Chaudhary demitted office and Sri Krishnan who is presently General Secretary, P-III, Secretary General NFPE and Secretary General Confederation apart from being the Circle Secretary of P-III Kerala Circle; He was President when Sri Sridharan took over as General Secretary of P-III, their whole object was to swallow above 65 lakhs of funds left behind by their predecessor. The second object was to snub every voice that would try to raise against them. Now let us take recount of the whole story.

Gone are the days when the Secretary General, NFPE or General Secretary P-III used to reside a simple life and would beat the heat by coolers. Gone are the days when the General Secretary P-III or the Secretary General NFPE travelled by trains and mostly in sleeper classes, except in emergent cases. Now Sri Krishnan and also Sri Sridharan only travel by air. Even after Sri Sridharan in no more the General Secretary, he often pays visits to Delhi from Chennai by air and back and the funds of P-III have to bleed through the nose to ensure aristocratic life style of these persons. We do not know whether Sri Sridharan or Sri Krishnan has their houses in Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram air conditioned, but in Delhi they cannot live in houses which do not have air conditions, and have installed A/C in office and residence.

Sri R.N. Chaudhary was living a simple life and managed with union subscription of Rs. Ten per month to leave behind a fund of Rs. 65 Lacs. Now the union subscription is Rs. 50/- per month per employees and still money falls short of meeting the greed of the present leadership of P-III who is also Secretary General NFPE. All members of P-III know and in private acknowledge that there is sufficient fund in P-III to meet the needs of even three General Secretaries but fall short of satisfying the greed of Mr.M. Krishnan and K.V. Sridharan combine. So the vultures eyes have fallen of the vast membership of GDS union who are now much better off than what they were under the leadership of Postal Federations especially NFPE.

There is another reason as well. After the Krishnan-Sridharan duo took over the leadership of Postal-III and NFPE, there has been complete stagnation in the postal employees, More, there has been a down-slide, where as the GDS have been marching ahead with their struggles and consequent successes and achievements. So they have preferred to put every obstacle in the way of success of GDS to cover their own failures. We pose a direct question: has there been a single achievement after Com. RAP Singh clinched 4000 scale for PAs despite every attempt of NFPE and FNPO to block the scale? There has been, on the other hand, steep cut in the staff strength and severe pressure of work. It is no wonder that staff are called upon to attend offices on Sundays and holidays to pull the arrears and there are reports of suicides in P-III Circle due to heavy pressure of work. These leaders do not pay visits to Directorate to clinch some achievements. There have been one or two nominal and token struggles to misguide the members, but there have been meek withdrawals without even a nominal achievement. Of cause there have been work-shops and conversions to preach political thinking of a particular political party which has retreated into cells in Circles which they ruled over. The purpose of the work-shops is also to extract hefty fees from the participating delegates/representatives for luxuries of the leaders.  

What Mr. Krishnan has done to P-III union is no secret. Delhi Postal Circle is ruined because Ms. Krishnan-Sridharan refused to recognize the democratically elected office bearers. For last several years Delhi Postal Circle union of Group-‘C’ is dormant and the membership has srinked to bare minimum. They have done the same in Tamilnadu Postal Group-‘C’ Circle. The Krishnan-Sridharan duo came to power riding on the shoulders of Com. N. Balasunbramaniam and they proved to be Frankestine for the same Com. Balu They refused to recognize the democratically elected office bearers, is Tamilnadu too pussing forward their own stooges. The Tamilnadu Postal Circle is in disarray and totally damaged and fragmented with no base. The membership has dipped to the lowest ever. It is no secret that in Delhi RMS III Circle the membership of NFPE union has gone down to abysmal low after they ditched com Dip hand. Now they are playing the same fraudulent tactics in Karnataka P-IV Circle. They have refused to recognize the democratically elected Circle Secretary and are insisting on fresh elections to satisfy their stooges. Let us see what they do after the fresh elections. The Karnataka Postal IV is facing the danger of being destroyed.
Now they want to destroy the GDS union to repeat their drama is several P-III & P-IV Circles. Their attempts have fallen flat before the rock like unity of the GDS comrades. We are sure that iron-willed GDS comrades will look through their game and refuse to fall prey to their dirty game. They have found a ‘sheep’ to present as General Secretary of GDS union.

Now they challenge our agreement with the Department to constitute a one-man Committee under the Chairmanship of retired Judge of Supreme Court or High Court, in case the attempts of the department of include GDS issues in terms of reference of 7th CPC fail. What do they want us to have done? Do they want us to have surrendered meekly like them the interests of the GDS employees in the way they deceived the departmental employees by unconditionally withdrawing the successful two days strike without even a token achievement or resistance? What then the strike was called for? What they wanted us to have done after the strike; to surrender unconditionally and pave the way for appointment Nataraja Murti Committee like committee again? Do they want to belittle the recommendations of Justice Talwar Committee? Could we have achieved pay-scales and other benefits  but for the report of Justice Talwar Committee? we could have achieved more but for the dubious roles played by the Federations. They had even agreed to consolidated allowances by a product of 3.25 and of course orders had been issued. Thanks to the stiff opposition by some P-III leaders that the order far was withdrawn.

Do we not remember how the then NFPE leadership under Sri C.C. Pillai scuttled our demand for 50% D.A. merger? The NFPE leadership agreed to nominal 5% increase in the Pay leaving aside the demand for 50% D.A merger. Is it not a fact that the then NFPE leadership sabotaged our nine-day successful continuous hunger strike?  Is it not a fact that the NFPE leadership agreed to associate with Nataraja Murti Committee when our boycot of was going on forcing us to fall in line? They have been always sabotaging our cause, belittling our struggle by floating imaginary false figures about the strike even in the face of official figures to sabotage our success. This was all with a motiv to arrest the forward-march of GDS comrades and to sabotage our cause to hide their own failures. We refuse to accept their dictation and vow to march forward step by step but steadily.

We were part of NFPE and affiliated to it. But the NFPE leadership by force pushed us out of the NFPE at Kolkata Federal council despite our all out efforts to remain in NFPE with our independent identity. Then why this clamour now to have GDS union NFPE? Only to usurp funds to meet the greed of the present leadership along with an attempt to conceal their own failures by abusing and cursing us and sabotaging our cause. The GDS Comrade refuse to fall in the trap.

What they demand for GDS? They are trying to highlight their fight in Court. Why? Do we not have strength to fight and struggle and achieve our due rights? AND what they are praying for in the Court case? Not complete departmentalization. They want the GDS to remain out of departmental status. They do not demand complete application of all departmental regulations including Pension Rules,  Leave rules and so-on. They want that separate rules for GDS should be framed.  So, the GDS comrades have to read into their trap and evil intentions. 

They tried to spread canards against com. Mahadevaiah that he was owning a palacial building in Bangalore. It ultimately did not click. Now they are raising canards about our agreement. They do not suggest what we should have done. Simply criticize our every move. Do they want us to surrender interests of GDS employees in the way they have been ditching departmental employees? Our response is a resolute ‘No’. We refuse to surrender to your line of surrender and leading an aristocratic life at the cost of the contribution of toiling members.

Comrades, we were swallowing every poison spitted by them against us. But now it has been intolerable and we are forced to bring out truth for information of members.

Comrades we conclude this bulletin here though we are aware of every Skelton in their cupboard. If they provoke us further. We shall come out with more truth about their misdeeds.

CHQ received good report from many circles about success of today’s Dharna. CHQ Congratulates to one and all. Kindly send report to CHQ. We requested all to mobilize and strengthen our union and get ready for further struggles.

Department approved amendment to constitution of AIGDSU. We enclose order copy. Please clear due quota to CHQ and send revised rates of quota to higher bodies.  CHQ Rs. 5/-, Circle Union Rs. 5/-, Division/Branches Rs. 10/- Total Rs. 20/-

 With Eid/season greetings and wishing, happy puja and Diwali to come
Yours fraternally                                                                                                                               

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)
 General Secretary