Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Letters to Govt.

GDS/CHQ/3/4/2011                                Dated: 08.12.2011
The Secretary
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110 001
Sub;-  Framing Recruitment Rules in respect of Postal Assistants/sorting Assistant in Department of Posts.
Ref;-   Your Office letter No. 37-47/2010-SPB-I dated 18.11.2011.


          With regard to the Recruitment Rules for Pas/SAs notified vide Gazette Notification No. G.S.R 794 (E) We feel that certain improvements are called for. Our contention is that it is the policy of the Government to recruit the best available talent to ensure best output out of the personnel recruited. Certain restrictions of age and percentage of marks prescribed for the GDS employees are certainly impediments and supper from certain inherent conditions. These are;

1.   It is prescribed that GDS employees to quality for taking the examination for appointment as Pas/SAs should be within 30 years of age and have put in at least five years of service as GDS. This virtually denies an opportunity to most of the GDS employees, many of them very capable to quality for recruitment as Pas/SAs. This means that those GDS employees who have been recruited as such at the age of 24 years or below would only quality for taking the examination and in most cases, they would have only one or two chances at the best, You will kindly agree that this is too harsh, The same G.D.S. if is appointed as multi tasking staff or postman would be eligible to take the examination upto any age below 60 years and the same person for direct recruitment is subjected to rigorous conditions of age (of 30 years) and five years of service. These may be improved as suggested below for awaiting services of the best talents;

i)             GDS employees up to age of 40 years should be eligible for writing the test along with the departmental LGOs for appointment as PAs/SAs.
ii)           The minimum service as GDS required to be put in should be three years instead of 5 years.

iii)          The GDS employees with 10+2 qualification and below the age of 30 years with no service restriction should be eligible to write the examination along with outside conditions. Such GDS employees should apply through the Recruiting units.

We, therefore, requested you kindly to consider the suggestions dispassionately and accept the same which will be in the best interest of service.

With regards,          
Yours faithfully,
(S.S. Mahadevaiah)
General Secretary,

GDS/CHQ/4/6/2011                             Dated: 8.12.2011


The Secretary

Department of Posts,

Dak Bhawan,

New Delhi – 110 001

 Sub;-Revision of norms for opening of Post Offices in rural and urban areas -  comments/views of recognized unions on proposal – reg.

Ref;-Director (SR & Legal) letter No. 13-2/2011-SR dated 29-9-2011.


Surprisingly a copy of the latter under reference was not endorsed to this union and we had to procure a copy of the same through other sources and hence the delay in sending our views/comments/ Sincere we have a major stake with regard to the norms, we think it proper to supply our views/comments in brief.

2     We note and hereby register our concern about the fact that the Committee seeks to overstep its brief i.e., terms of reference. The terms of reference are "To review all the norms for opening of Post Offices in rural and urban areas".  While other things that the Committee is required to take into consideration the potential revenue that the BO's generate and are likely to generate as the sole medium of Communication in many areas. But the Committee, strangely and by passing its brief, proposes in Para 5. d of the minutes to "study relevance of instructions relating to TRCA protection". While the protection of pay has its judicial and fundamental back ground which applies to protection of TRCA, the Committee proposes to disturb a settled issue and go beyond brief the Committee may be asked to work within the four walls of the terms of reference and to refrain from disturbing the hornests.

3     While Para 2 (ii) of planning Divisions letter No 40-36/EFC/2002-plg dated 05-07-2011 provide sufficient guide to the Committee to work on factual position and the position that is likely to emerge CWC would like to offer some slain suggestions.

(a)         The Branch Offices, now-a-days, perform a variety of business and quite strongly, in case of several items of business neither time factors have been provided or clear yard sticks assess revenue denied from the services have been fixed. The social requirements served by the B.O.s by translating several schemes have to be compensated through proper calculation of revenue. And where the revenue factor has settled and the working norms have been finalized, any one of them will provide clear yard stick for opening of P.O.s in rural areas, because business and revenue are inter related. PLI, RPLI, old age Pension, MNAREGA payments, acceptance of electric bills and Telephone bills etc are several items for which norms of work and revenue are required to be objectively fixed and calculated.

(b)         Yes, the GP villages acquire greater importance and have to be provided with Post Offices. But in order to provide the G.P. villages with P.O.s it is not necessary to re-allocate or disturb the already established P.O which is performing sufficient business and earning revenue, thereby.

Rather, steps for opening of new P.O.s at the G.P. villages if such villages are not having one should be taken in views of the emerging importance of the Gram Panchayats.

(c)         The norms for opening of P.O.s in rural areas should be realistic and presumptive to slice the existing facilities provided in the rural areas.

We keep our self combined to the rural areas where we have stakes and hope that our views would be properly taken into consideration.

With high regards,
Yours faithfully,
General Secretary
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union