Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Dear Comrades,

As per the decision of the enlarged CWC meeting NOTICE OF INDEFINITE STRIKE AND INDEFINITE HUNGER STRIKE TO BE COMMENCED FROM 3.3.2009 has been served on the department today the 16th Feb, 2009. However efforts are on to reach an honorable settlement.


Top level officers are getting a monthly salary up to ONE LAKH and a pension up to Rs.50,000/- but not ready to grant a few hundreds to THE POOR AND TOILING G.D.S

Let us be firm on our legs to fight all kind of discrimination and injustice.






21.10.2008 order on Bonus ceiling came after an agitation of TWO DAYS HUNGER FAST. However payment of arrear bonus is yet to be made in a few circles. Now Directorate has repeated that it is for DEPARTMENTAL employees' only. It is quite irregular, discriminative and illegal.

The Directorate could have referred the matter to finance as being done in all financial matters. We oppose the act which is irregular. Resist it. WE HAVE GIVEN STRIKE NOTICE ALSO INCLUDING THE DEMAND OF BONUS CEILING. We have no other way but to fight for justice.


Please await further directions in this regard as we have already pursuing the matter for remedial action.


Ref: GDS/CHQ/10/2008 Date: 16 02-2009


The Secretary,

Govt. of India,

Department of Post,

Dak Bhavan,

New Delhi-110001.



In accordance with the provisions of Sub Section (1) of Section 22 of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, we hereby notify that all the Gramin Dak Sevaks of postal Department will go on Indefinite Strike from 03.03.2009. Besides, the indefinite relay Hunger Strike will also be undertaken at all Circle Head Quarters. The demands for acceptance on which the employees embark upon this "Indefinite Strike and Indefinite Relay Fast" are detailed in the enclosed Charter of Demands.

Yours faithfully,

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)

General Secretary


1. In accordance with accepted principles Grant of Pay-band to the GDS employees (with or without Grade Pay) proportionate to the emoluments of corresponding category of full time employees i.e.,

Pay band to begin with:

i) GDS SPM Rs.6000 as on 1-1-2006 for 5 hrs

ii) GDS BPM Rs 4800 as on 1-1-2006 for 3.00 to 3 hrs 45 mts i.e up to 75 points.

Rs.6000 as on 1-1-2006 for 3 hrs 45 mts to i.e above 75 points

iii) GDS MD/SV Rs 4000 as on 1-1-2006 for 3 hrs to 3 hrs 45 mts

Rs 5000 as on 1-1-2006 for 3 hrs 45 mts to 5 hrs

iv) GDS MC/MP etc Rs.3600 as on 1-1-2006 for 3 hrs to 3 hrs 45 mts

Rs. 4500 as on 1-1-2006 for 3 hrs 45 mts to 5 hrs

2. Grant of all retirement benefits i.e, Pension, DCRG, GPF at par with whole time employees.

3. Grant of increment at the rate of 3% of the preceeding year's monthly pay as per the accepted principles and at Par with whole time employees.

4. No curtailment in Bonus or Bonus ceiling; immediate payment of arrear bonus and no change in 'DA' formula.

5. Grant of leave including Maternity Paternity leave at par with whole time employees.

6. Grant of a status of a Central Civil Servant on GDS employees in keeping with the declarations of the Supreme Court in Superintendent of Post offices v.P.K. Rajamma [(1977) (3) SCC]; Sub Divisional inspector of Post offices v. Theyyam Jospeh [(1996) 8 SCC 489]; and Chet Ram v. Jit Singh [JT 2008 (12) SCI] and application of all rules like FRs & SRs; CCS(CCA)Rules, CCS(RSA) Rules and CCS (Pension) Rules – Scrapping the existing discriminative rules for GDS.

7. No curtailment in Rural Postal services or benefits of GDS employees i.e, No abolition of posts/offices, no down gradation of offices, no curtailment of working hours below 3 hours(up to 3 hours). No tightening of norms including cash handling and sale of stamps to the detriment of the GDS employees and measurement of distance only on foot beat for out door GDS staff.

8. Grant of ACP at par with whole time employees and reservation of 25% of posts in PA/SA cadre for GDS employees.

9. Grant of HRA, Transport Allowance and all other allowances at par with whole time employees.

10. Grant of Medical facilities and Children Education Allowance at par with whole time employees.

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)

General Secretary

No.GDS/CHQ/1-5/2009 Dated: 16-02-2009


All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries,

All CWC Members A.I.P.E.D.E.U.

Sub: Implementation of the assurances given on 19.12.2008 at the time of withdrawal of the strike.


Dear Comrade,

You are aware of the negatives of Sri.R.S.Nataraja Murti's GDS Committee which led to three days strike from 17.12.2008. The Department of Post, which appointed yet another committee of bureaucrats as an eye wash known as Group of Officers under the chairman of Sri.P.K.Gopinath. The Department had given certain specific assurances at the time of withdrawal of the three day strike on 19.12.2008. The members were jubilant. But the report of Sri.P.K.Gopinath's Group of Officers; a strict secrecy being maintained by the officialdom and the Secretary, Department of Post evading to meet us send very ominous signals which we can sum up in one sentence, the Department is going back on its assurances - a very unfortunate development! The bureaucracy enjoying each about a lakh of rupees as pay and perks is dead averse to even a few hundreds of rupees as benefits to the lowest strata of the postal employees known as Gramin Dak Sevaks, the postal servants of the "Aam admi".

We held a marathon meeting of the enlarged Central Working Committee which was attended by almost all Divisional secretaries from every corner of the vast country for two days from 11th to 12th February,2009. The members expressed grave indignation and anger at the treatment being meted out to us. The meeting was of unanimous opinion that the move of the bureaucracy is retrograde which wants to snatch away whatever benefits we have achieved through our struggle. The massive view was that struggle and struggle alone will bring the desired results. It was, therefore decided that if the Government does not come with orders on agreed items by the end of February,2009, the employees will be forced to launch an indefinite strike from 3rd March 2009 to begin at 06.00 AM. It was further decided that indefinite relay fast will also be organised at circle Head quarters along with the indefinite strike. It was further resolved to observe "WADA NIBHAVO DIWAS" (Fulfill promises day) on 26.02.2009. A copy of the resolution adopted at the enlarged CWC is enclosed.

Comrades, on 13.02.2009 a massive – mammoth rally and "March to Parliament" shook the national capital. The rally was unprecedented and slogans demanding fulfillment of the demands of the GDS employees went the sky. A detailed memorandum was submitted to the prime minister on behalf of the rally. A copy of the memorandum is enclosed. The Rally/March to Parliament endorsed the programme decided by the enlarged CWC in one voice.

Thus Comrade, the following programmes have to be observed with cent per cent success and we call upon the activists and leaders to take to business right now.

(i) Observance of "WADA NIBHAO DIWAS" (FULFILL PROMISES DAY) on 26.02.2009 by holding massive Rallies/Meetings at all levels exposing the departmental back-tracking on the promises. Fax/telegrams demanding fulfillment of promises should be sent to the Hon'ble Prime Minister, Government of India; Hon'ble Minister for Communications and I.T; Hon'ble State Minister of State for Communications & IT and Secretary Department of Posts with copy by post to the CHQ.

(ii) Indefinite Strike from 03.03.2009 to commence at 06.00 AM.

(iii) Indefinite "Hunger Strike" at Circle Head Quarters through out the struggle. One Divisional Union may under take to organise this programme on a particular day. The circle unions should decide the details of organizing the "Relay Hunger Strike".

Comrade, we have passionately requested the NFPE and FNPO as also their respective federated unions to extend to us full and active support in our fight against injustice.

Comrades, the guide lines for the conduct of the indefinite strike shall be the same as were issued while organizing the indefinite strike from 17.12.2008, which are as follows:

i) Several elements may be active: Several elements are trying to sabotage the case of the G.D.S. employees. Since, there was no alternative to struggle, we have been forced to resort to. We have appealed to the entire Postal fraternity for cooperation, support and participation. We repeat our appeal once again and request the Postal fraternity to lend unqualified support to us. The entirety of Postal brotherhood is requested to ensure that no elements are allowed to sabotage our struggle or demands.

ii) Since we are scattered in small numbers in the interior rural side, it will be better that all members collect together in the evening of 2nd March at the Divisional Head Quarter or at one or two important places for effective strike. On 03.03.2009, all members should remain together and stage demonstrations before the office of the Divisional superintendent. If the Divisional Head Quarter is Circle or Regional Head Quarter, the demonstration should be staged before the office of the CPMG/PMG. A memorandum (Draft given below) should be submitted to the Divisional Superintendent or the PMG or the CPMG as the case may be, with a request to forward the same to the Secretary, Department of Posts.

iii) On all days during STRIKE demonstrations/rallies should continue to be held. Memorandum should be submitted to district Magistrate/Governor as the case may be to be forwarded to the Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT.

iv) Every Divisional/Branch Union should send daily fax/telegrams to the Hon'ble Prime Minister; Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT; Hon'ble State Minister for Communication & IT, and Secretary, Department of Posts, demanding fulfillment of demands.

v) Hon'ble Member of Parliament of the respective area should be apprised of the position and requested to raise the voice of the GDS employees at every possible forum.

vi) Divisional/Branch Union should make necessary arrangement in this connection.

vii) Further arrangements may be made keeping in view local situation.

viii) We once again emphasize that peace should be maintained despite all provocations. We are strictly opposed to any action that may be treated as breach of peace.

In case of any necessity, we may be directly contacted on phones No 011-23697701 & 09811577701.

Comrades, it is a question of life and death and we cannot afford to be complacent. Let the process start with all seriousness.

With militant greetings,

Yours faithfully,

S.S. Mahadevaiah,

General Secretary

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