Friday, November 28, 2008

Injustice of the Committee headed by Sri, Nataraja Murti.

No.GDS/CHQ/1-5/2008 Dated: 02-12-2008

All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries,

Sub: - Injustice of the Committee headed by Sri, Nataraja Murti.

Dear Comrade,

A very crucial moment has come. We have to enlist support of every quarter struggle has become unavoidable.

We are enclosing a draft of a letter to be addressed to the Member of Parliament of the area. The letter should be signed by all G.D.S. employees of the constituency and handed over to the concerned Member of Parliament. Additional sheets may be attached as required. The contents of the letter may be translated into the local language. The signature campaign process should be complete by 10th December positively.

With greetings,
Yours faithfully,

S.S. Mahadevaiah
General Secretary.

No. dated 12-2008


Sri, -----------
Hon'ble Member of Parliament,
Sub; - Injustice with and exploitation of Gramin Dak Sevak ¼GDS½ of the Department of Posts – cry for justice.

Respected Sir,
Respected Sir,

We, the Gramin Dak Sevaks providing Postal services to the Gramin people of your constituency, place before you the following facts and crave your indulgence in ensuring justice to three lakhs of us.

We serve the rural population with sincerity in providing Postal services, ranging from delivery, collection and dispatch of letters to issue and payment of money orders, providing and promoting small savings, Rural Postal Life insurance registration and V.P. service and of course sale of postage stamps and stationeries. We have undertaken maintenance of S.B. accounts pertaing to NREGS. We have also undertaken the responsibility of payments through money orders/S.B. accounts of old age pension. We have also undertaken the collection of Telephone and Electricity bills along with any other product/ service introduced by the department.
But we have been overly neglected and are the most exploited Postal employees who are denied all benefits of Pay scale, leave, retirement benefits and the like despite the fact that the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in P.K.Rajamma's Case ¼1977½ (3) SCC has declared us "HOLDERS of CIVIL Post" further clarified in Theyyam Joseph's Case (1997)8 SCC 489 that ED Agents are civil servants.
The Government appointed 6th Central Pay Commission for Central Civil Servants. We demanded, as per the observation of the 4th C.P.C, that out issues be referred to the 5th C.P.C. This was flatly refused. WE PRESSED THAT AT LEAST A COMMISSION UNDER A RETIRE HIGH COURT JUDGE BE APPOINTED FOR THE GDS, as was agreed and done at time of 5th C.P.C. This was arbitrarily and obstinately denied. The Department of Posts insisted and appointed a one man committee under a retired bureaucrat and that too none other than one Sri, R.S.Nataraja Murti; a recently retired Member of Postal Services Board. Probably Sri, Nataraja Murti was found to be most prejuced person against the G.D.S. employees and also pliant to the dictates of working bureaucracy Sri, Nataraj Murti has given the most damaging and negative report ever, which has generated serious resentment and dissatisfaction amongst the G.D.S. employees. A spontaneous wave of protest and demonstration of anger broke out.
4. Sri, Nataraja Murti, has denied all benefits and suggested serious curtailment of the existing ones. He has also suggested curtailment of Postal services to rural people and has advanced unrealistic and laughable norms.
5. Our All India Union, reacting to report has suggested and demanded the following improvements in the negative report of Sri, Nataraja Murti:-

(i) In view of the judicial pronouncements, the G.D.S. employees be declared as Central Civil Servants.
(ii) Consequently, all rules and regulations applicable to Central Civil Servants be made applicable to G.D.S. employees (scrapping the discriminatory separate rules).
(iii) No curtailment of rural Postal facility and rejection of impractable and ridiculous norms suggested by Sri. Nataraja Murti. The work hours of Branch Post Masters should be between 4 to 6 hours (i.e the Post office should be kept open for 4 hours at least and upto 6 hours).
(iv) E.D.S.O's should be kept open for 5 to 7 hours.
(v) Duty of all other outdoor staff should be between 5 to 7 hours.
(vi) In keeping with recommendations of 6th C.P.C. Pay bands with grade Pay corresponding to departmental counterparts be prescribed.
(vii) Annual increment of 3% as suggested by 6th C.P.C.
(viii) All Allowances/benefits at par with full time employees.
(ix) All retirement benefits as are due to Central Civil Servants.
(x) P.L.B as per formula and no curtailment.

We collectively appeal to you to raise your voice against the injustice and for a justice to the Civil servants of the rural people. You may kindly enlist the support of other Hon'ble Members of Parliament in favour of justice to the G.D.S. employees.

With high regards,
Yours faithfully,