Friday, November 23, 2007


(Central Head Quarter)
First Floor, Post Office Building, Padamnagar, Delhi 110007
President: D.N. Giri
General Secretary S.S. Mahadevaiah

Dated 22-11-2007


All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries AIPEDEU.

Sub: - Appointment of Nataraja Murti Committee.

Dear Comrade,

It has come to our notice that Sri Nataraja Murti Committee on GDS is obtaining same information from GDS employees' uncertain items utiliseing the official power of the postal administration. We have prepared a short note on such items which is enclosed (you may elaborate/improve the suggestions by giving suggestions explaining practical aspects). The GDS employees should send the same at the space provided and forward on copy to the GDS Committee with copies to the Hon'ble Minister D.G. (P) and the Prime Minister. You should not forget to send a copy to the CHQ.

We further suggest that the Divisional/Branch Secretaries should organize a rally/dharana before the office of the Divn. Supdt of Post offices on 07.12.2007 and submit to him a consolidated list of such report him with request that he should forward the same to Sri Nataraja Murti Committee.

Sri Nataraja Murti Committee is also obtaining same suggestions from M.P's we have also prepared short note to be submitted by the Hon'ble Members of Parliament.

You are requested to contact your M.P. (Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha) and request him to send a note to Sri Nataraja Murti Committee on that line.

Since our protests have been over looked and not considered. We have to remain prepared for more penetrating agitation. We call upon you to remain ready for the same. You may mobilize GDS Comrades related to FNPO and BPEU to support the cause of the entire GDS Staff.

With greetings

Yours faithfully

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)
General Secretary

Sri, R.S. Nataraja Murti,
Gramin Dak Sevak Committee,
Malcha Marg P.O. Complex,
New Delhi-110021

Ref: Your No.2-30/2007 GDS Committee dated 16.10.2007.


Probably yours is the 5th E.D. (GDS) Committee to be appointed in the name of studying the conditions of service of the E.D. (GDS) employees. What has been done to the recommendations of the earlier committees indicates a very sorry state of affairs. Justice Talwar Committee carried out a detailed study of the things and submitted exhaustive recommendations. Not even a single recommendation was implemented is its original form while some four recommendations were twisted and diluted before implementation. The similar was the fate of Savoor Committee and Madan Kishore Committee where not even one recommendation was implemented. In view of such attitude, the Committee formed under your Chairmanship does not command much confidence. Besides there is a general feeling that your committee has been appointed against the protest of the Unions which reduces the confidence of the workers still more.

As regards our view on the given points, the same ore given below:

Improvement in the working conditions of GDS:

The working conditions of the GDS are pathetic and biggar words to describe. The BPM/SPM is required to offer his own accommodation without proper house rent. No furnitures are supplied, no iron safe for security of cash and valuables. No almirah to secure records and every thing is left to the SPM/BPM. No arrangements for public to sit or to write the letters or fill up forms. No counters.

The GDSMD and GDSMC and other GDS staff are not provided with uniform. Even some identity card is not supplied that they could establish their identity. No rain coats/water proof cover to protect the mails against heavy rains. These are illustrative. In order that the rural P.O or the ED BO/SO looks like a post office and the staff as such it is necessary that the following are provided:

1) The BPM: Proper and due house rent, electrical charge should be paid to the BPM
for the accommodation he/she provides. Proper counters should be constructed at government cost. Electric meters should be secured at Govt Cost and the electric consumption bill should be paid by the Department.
2) All furniture chairs - Tables including the ones for public use should be supplied.
3) Articles like Almirahs/cuboards and iron safe/chest should be provided for security and safety of cash/valuable and records.
4) Outdoor staff should be supplied all items of informs. They should be provided, with raincoats/water proof plastic bags for safety of mails.
5) Proper delivery bags/BO bags and cash bags should be supplied.
These are the minimum requirements with regard working conditions.

Improvement in wage structure:

This issue has been studied in detail by Justice Talwar Committee and after a Judicial study no further study is required. What is now necessary for your Committee is to ensure implementation of the recommendations of Justice Talwar Committee contained in the following paras:

Paras: 7.6; 7.6.1; 7.7; 8.1; and 9 regarding status
Paras No. 6.9; 6.10 & 6.11.-removing the restriction of maximum five hours duty.
Para No. 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5 read with paras 6.12; 7.1; and 7.2 with regard pay scales – the amounts of pay scales to be replaced by amounts with reference to the scales recommended by the 6th CPC.

Paras No. 12; 12.1;12.2 12.3; with regard to Assured career progression with amounts in the scales to be substituted with reference to the scales recommended by the Sixth CPC.

Paras 17 (split duty allowance); Para 18 (Grant of rest); 19(Compensation) detained beyond duty hoers); 20(Work done on holidays/weekly of days); 22; 22.1(HRA & CCA); 22.2(TA); 22.3(LTC); 22.4(FCA); 22.5(Uniform); 23(Medical Facilities); 25(Advances); 26(Welfare measures)

Further apart form present promotional avenues and in place of present promotional procedure to PAs cadre against left over vacancies of L.G.O's the GDS employees having 10+2 qualification should be allowed to compete against 50% to departmental quota up to at age of 45 years and further 20% of the total vacancies should be reserved to be filled up exclusively by the GDS on the basis of competitive examination by age relaxation up to 40 years. Like Casual labourers, whether Full time or short time, the services may be regularised by combination of duties or attaching additional duties.
Provision of Social Security:

Para 13 on grant of pension; gratuity and GPF read also with Para 9 and 10; 13.2.4 with regard to counting of past service; 13.3 with regard to Reckonable service, 13.4 and 13.4.1 with regard to pension formula; 13.5 with regard to minimum pension with amount of minimum pension to be replaced with reference to the recommendations of the 6th CPC; 13.7 & 13.8 on retirement and Death gratuity; 13.9 on family pension with the amount of family pension to be replaced with reference to the recommendations of the 6th CPC; 13.10 on death and disability with the "5th CPC to be substituted by "6th CPC"; 13.12 in GPF, 13.13 on Group insurance (With amounts to be substituted with reference to the 6th CPC); 13.14.1 & 13.14.2 on voluntary retirement, This again has been studied and discussed in detail by Justice Talwar Committee. This leaves no further scope for study. Only the following well founded and elaborately discussed recommendations contained in the report of Justice Talwar Committee need to be implemented, and you may recommend accordingly;

Items of work that need to be added in the assessment of work load.

In addition to the present items of work, the following may be added:-

Deposit of PLI/RPLI premia, delivery of if PLI/RPL policies/pass books;
Payment PLI/RPLI amounts on sanctioned.
Collection of Telephone bills.
Collection of Electricity bills at the P.O., and Acceptance of water Bills at B.O.s
The proposal of social security scheme for rural implemented by state Government.
Any other item of work that is done on regular basis. i.e, actual work done like assistance to the staff, impression of date stamp on the bulk pass books, arrangement of forms, idle wait at the point of exchange of mails, while on duty at the office etc.,
Payment of pension including Railway pension.
Handling of Business Post items like delivery Prasadams etc.
The Election work, like verification of Electrol, collecting statistics, census work etc.
The works related to Rural Employment Guarantee Act now entrusted to the B.O.s.
Verification of mobile phone/ Bills.
Opening of New Accounts in SB.RD etc.
Norms for E.Post to other business posts
All other works related to Business Directorate.

Items of present work and new items of work that can be done in incentive/Commission basis.

1. Obtaining new PLI policies;
2. UTI and related works pass port service.
3. Popularizing /Propagating Postal Certificates or Postal Time deposits.
4. All other work beyond a particular Justified level;

Improvement in rural Postal Services and introduction of new products and services;

Adequate supply of necessary forms must be assured;
Supply of proper bags – cash bag, B.O. bag; stamp bag and delivery bag to be ensured;
Adequate financing of the B.O. to expedite payment of MOs/warrants of Payment must be ensured else this is one count on which the BOs and staff are subjected unjustified but avoidable criticism.
Arrangements for prompt removal of surplus cash must be made to protect the GDS,BPM/GDS,SPM from risk robbery/dacoity/theft;
Proper promotion and strengthening of conventional services which will ensure more revenue and work – especially end services have to be strengthened.
New products Telephone bills, Electric bills, UTI services, Pass Port work etc or those that can emerge letter.
Yours faithfully

Name……….Designation GDS……Office Addresses

Dated --.12.2007
Copy to
1. Shri A. Raja, Hon’ble Minister (C) & IT Electronic Niketan, Department of Posts,
6, CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110003

2. Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Hon’ble, Prime Minister of India,
New Delhi-110001

3. Shri IMG Khan, Director General, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001