Friday, January 21, 2011

Letter to Department on Revision of norms for assessment of workload of the Branch Postmasters.

Ref. No. GDS/CHQ/49/1/2011                                      Dated. 20-01- 2011




Ms. Radhika Doraisamy,


Department of Posts,

Dak Bhawan,

New Delhi-110001.



Subject:-    Revision of norms for assessment of workload of the Branch Postmasters.

A kind reference is invited to the Directorates letter no. 5-1/2007-WS-I(P) dated 16.12.2010 on the above subject.
The work load of all the GDS staff are being arrived at after application of Time factors of Postman/Group-'D' as the case may be excluding the BPMs.


In respect of BPM, points system has been prescribed instead of Time factor for each item of work as being done for Postal Assistants. The workload S.O. calculated on the baris of point system cannot be converted into hours, Minites and Seconds-like other GDS staff which results in unscientific norms and lead to reduction of TRCA on the whole.


In the connection the norms fixed for stamp sales and Treasury could be cited as an unscientific ones.

A BPM has to sell stamps worth of `900/- to earn one point in villages that too offices functions only for three hours of would be very difficult to sell stamps to the time of `900/- per day. Previously it was fixed as `45/- to earn the point. Now it as been enhanced to 20 times (i.e) ` 900/- This union finds no reason to enhance this item to the extent of 20 times since there is no huge sale of stamps this ` 900/- stamp sales requires to be recased to the extent ` 60/- stamp sales to earn one point.


Similarly for cash handling this has been enhanced to `20,000/- to earn one point.


Here also this has been enhanced twenty times since it was fixed `1000/- to earn one point previously. We could very strongly say that there is no sizeable increase in cash receipts in a Branch office. Further the village people are not handling higher denomination of currencies like `500/- as `1000/- as expected in Post offices functioning in semi urban and urban areas. Most of the village people are only dwelt on earning their income by daily wages etc. Which may not exceed `100/- are 150/- per day. In which care they could get handly get `100/- denomination. Since being the case are could expect denominations of Rupees up to `100/- only in a Branch Post office for postal transactions. Fixing `20,000/- to earn one point with a view of handling higher denominations of Rupees of 500/- and ` 1000/- is totally unjustified.


Due to the implementation of revised norms one points handling cash of ` 20,000/- out of 19 cases of BPMs TRCA of all the BPMs have been reduced the except there BPMs. We could like the case of Amalapuram Division, Andhra Circle vide Memo. H5/BR/BPMs/Misc dlgs/2010 dated 24/29-9-2010. Kindly imagine the pathetic situation of the above BPMs. result in unscientific norms and lead to reduction of TRCA on the whole.


As regards RPLI, it has been fixed as one point for every 10 trisection. Here also. The hard work traced out for meeting, motivating and explaining the benefits of RPLI to the poor people in village has not been well appreciated. The common people are not coming forward to insure their lives at the initial meeting itself. The GDS,BPM, GDS,MD etc are to meet the insurant many times to secure a policy from him. Hence separate norms are to be considered for entertaining the RPLI policy proposals at the initial payment of first premia.

We had pointed out that in view of the multiplication of work at Branch offices and introduction of several new schemes and products, the accounts maintenance has become more cumbersome and the 14 points allotted for the purpose need to be raised to 28 points. A practical view of this has got to be taken. Now it is not correct to say that counting of the remittance received or made is covered by the said 14 points. These 14 points are allotted for preparing accounts, different bags, slips and closing and sealing as also time sprat in opening and closing of the PO. It is not correct to say that these 14 points cover counting/verification of remittance received from/made to account office. This issue merits reconsideration.
We, therefore, request you kindly to reconsider the issue to raise the 14 points to 28 points and to include the amount of remittance made/received as cash handled.  


We have bought your kind notice about the above four items only. There are still cases to be discussed in detail on all the items.

In this connection we are sorry to inform you that this union has not at all been consulted before finalising at these new norms. Which is to be highly objected.


Your kind attention is invited item No. 7(C) vide DGs letter No. 08/02/2010-SR dated 14.07.2010 with regard to meeting held with the Secretary(P) on 12.07.2010 where in reply as given as "MATTER IS SUBJUCICE". However the Directorate vide letter dated 16.12.2010, Communicated the revised norms pertaining to GDS, BPMs.


This union therefore would like to request the Madam Secretary (P) kindly defer the implementation of the new norms vide letter dated 16.12.2010. We would also request you kindly to arrange for a meeting for this union to discuss with the integrated work study unit so that it could be decided on mutual understanding.

Your early orders are solicited.                                                     


Yours faithfully,

General Secretary
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union