Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Re-verification of membership under EDA(RSA) Rules,1995

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No.GDS/CHQ/1-5/2010                                                     Dated: 22-02-2010




All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries,

All CWC Members, A.I.P.E.D.E.U.     


Dear Comrades,


Subject: - Re-verification of membership under EDA(RSA) Rules,1995


Dear Comrades,


          The Director General (Posts) has issued orders for reverification of membership vide letter No. 13-02/2010-SR dated 18th February 2010. A copy of the letter with details of verification is forwarded herewith for your information and necessary action. It may be seen that reason for reverification, as given in the said letter, is that in one of the civil writ petition No. SB Civil/WP5037/2009, the Department has given an undertaking to extend the time limit and in the other case cotempt petition No.950/09, the High Court of Madras has ordered that the directions issued in WP No.4704 of 1999 dated 6-01-2009 should be followed.


          Many branches have expressed their reservation about repeated re-verifications without the results being declared. We are aware of the difficulties that the Divisional/Branch unions and members at large face in the process. The difficulties are enormous. But we have to undertake the trouble to prove the strength of our monolithic organization. The department's affidavit in the High Court at Jodhpur to grant sufficient time forces the same. We hope the Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries and members at large will take to the job whole-heartedly and ensure the strength of our organisation.


          The following salient features of the process may be minutely noted and adhered to:


(i)          The declarations of the members are to be given in the Performa which bearers the signature of the Director (SR) dated 18.02.2010. Suffient Xeroxed copies of the form should be prepared and it should be ensured that the declarations are given on this form only.


(ii)          The declarations duly singed by the Divisional/Branch Secretary or any authorized office bearer must be submitted to the Divisional head (SSPOs/SPOs/SSRMOs). In case of members in the establishment of GPO's/HO's under indepent charge of Chief Postmasters/Directors. The declarations should be forwarded to the Chief Postmaster/Director. The declarations must reach the Divisional Head on or before 26-04-2010. A list of declarations should be prepared in six copies—the declarations with five copies of the list should be submitted to the Divisional Head/Chief PM/Director as the case may be and one copy of the list should be retained by the Divisional/Branch union. The list should be signed by the Divisional/Branch Secretary on each page Care should be taken to educate the members not to give declaration in favor of any other union. 




(iii)        The Divisional Head will scrutinise the authorisation (declaration) letters in presence of an authorized office bearer of the union, and display one copy of the list on office notice board between 27-04-2010 to 30-04-2010. The Divisional/Branch Secretary should be careful to cheek the list of other unions also to see if names of our members are included in any other union's list.


(iv)       In case the names of our members are included in any other union's list, it should be seen that the concerned member gives a representation to the Divisional Head on or before 6-05-2010 clearly saying that he did not give any declaration (authorisation) in favour of that union and that he has given his declaration (authorisation) letter only in favour of A.I.P.E.D.E.U.



(v)          After scrutiny of the representation the Divisional Head will hsand over a copy the list duly acknowledging receipt of the declaration (authorisation) letters to the union.


(vi)       The deduction of subscription of such members will begin from the salary of the month of May, 2010 payable on 31-05-2010. It should be ensured that the union subscription is duly recovered by the DDO's and transferred to the union.



(vii)      The Divisional heads will submit the list of membership of different unions to Heads of Circles by 11-06-2010 and the Circle heads will compile the membership of the circle as a whole and forward the same to the Directorate by 25-6-2010.


          We once again call upon all our Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries to take to the job in entire seriousness and ensure that maximum membership is obtained in fovour of our union. The Divisional/Branch Secretaries will intimate to the CHQ the number of members who have given their declarations in favour of different unions. Similarly, after compilation of the membership at the Circle office, the Circle Secretaries will intimate the number of complied membership to the CHQ.


 With greeting,



 Yours fraternally



(S.S. Mahadevaiah)                                                                                              

General Secretary