Monday, April 20, 2009

Reverification of membership for recognition under the EDA(RA) Rules, 1995

GDS/CHQ1(C) /2009 Dated: 22-04-2009


Ms. Radhika Doreswamy,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan,
New Delhi – 110001

Subject: - EDA(RA) Rules,1995 –Reverification of membership for
recognition of Associations – procedure regarding.

Ref: Directorate letter No.13/01/2008-SR Dated, 17.04.2009


It has been intimated and very authentically declared in several of the Directorate's letters ending with letter No.13/1/2008-SR dated 23.06.2008, that the instruction contained in letters dated 27.05.2009 and 19.06.2008 apply only to regular departmental employees Associations and donot have any bearing on the Associations representing the Gramin Dak Sevaks. Similar orders have been also issued vide dte. letter No. 13/01/2008-SR dated 9.9.2008. Now it is shocking and surprising that orders for reverifications of membership in respect of G.D.S. employees Associations have been issued. In respect of the G.D.S. Associations, membership verification was held in June,2008. And membership subscription on the basis of new verification in June,2008 is being recovered from Pay of members. As a matter of fact the required statement of membership in respect of individual unions has been submitted to the Directorate by most of the Circles. Now the reverification sets the things in the reverse gear and undoes the work and Labour already invested. Therefore, it is only Judicous and proper the G.D.S. Associations are exempted from the reverification process.

Besides the following points are very pertinent and deserve immediate consideration:

(i) The programme of reverification of membership clashes with the General Election to the Lok Sabha. This process is in contradiction with the horms of democracy.
(ii) In almost all states the public transport is being utilized by the Election authorities for transportation of election official and police personnel and it is very difficult to get transport to reach upto the members.
(iii) In almost all north India states marriage season is on and this is yet another hurdle to be crossed.
(iv) Last but not the least. Earlier a period of two months was being granted for obtaining and submitting declarations while this time less than one month's time has been given. This will very badly hamper the process because the G.D.S employees are spread in innermost parts of the Country. It will be difficult to reach them within the given time. The curtailment of the period so draslically is unexplained, unexpected and devastating.

We, therefore, request you kindly to consider the entire factors objectively and exempt the G.D.S Unions from re-verification as full circle of verification in respect of G.D.S unions was completed only less than a year ago.

Yours faithfully,

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)
General Secretary

No. GDS/CHQ/5/1/2009 Dated: 20/04/2009

All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries,

All CWC Members All India Postal GDS Employees Union

Subject:- Reverification of membership for recognition under the EDA(RA) Rules, 1995.

Dear Comrades,

The Department of Posts vide its letter No.13/01/2008-SR dated 17.04.2009 has issued orders that reverification of membership will be done along with the reverification of membership of unions of the departmental employees. You may recall that the Hon'ble High Court of Madras had issue stay order in respect of unions covered under CCS(RSA) Rules,1993 i.e. unions of departmental employees. The Department had issued several letters stating that the process of verification of membership carried out in June,08 as per the instructions Contained D.G.(P) letter No. 13-4/2007-SR dated 26.03.2008 would hold good. Now that the Department should issue orders for reverification of membership in respect of GDS employees unions also is surprising and shocking. We do not know whether this is being done with a view to penalise us for our struggles to protect the interests of G.D.S employees or to help those who helped, the administration at the cost of the interests of the G.D.S. employees as a whole. But this is very shocking.

We are just pointing out the facts to the Department and taking all possible steps. But at the same time we shall give a befitting reply also by ensuring that all G.D.S employees give their declarations in our favour.

So Comrades, we must utilize all resources and all Divisional/Branch level office bearers and activists should be utilized to reach up to every members and obtain their declarations in our favour. We are enclosing a copy of the from of declaration on which the declaration should be obtained. The form has been signed by Director(SR) dated 17.04.2009. The declarations are to be given on this form only.

The detailed programme of the reverification process is as follows:

(I) The declaration forms duty signed by the authorized office bears will be submitted to the DDO i.e. the concerned Postmaster/HRO on or before 15.05.2009.

(II) A list of members who have given their declarations will be prepared in triplicate. The authorised office bearer will sign the three copies of the list on each page and submit to the Divisional Superintendent of the Concerned Division on or before 20.05.2009.

(III) The Divisional Superintendent will scrutinise the declarations in presence of the authorized office bearer of the union. After serutiry the Divisional Superintendent will transfer the declaration and list of members to the DDO on or before 25.05.2009.

(IV) The DDO will return one copy of the lost to the union duly receipted and display one copy the list on notice board between 27.05.2009 to 29.05.2009.

(V) If a declaration form in a member's name has been wrongly included in the list of other union, he should represent to the Divisional superintendent by 2.06.2009.

The list of members which has been displayed on notice board must be examined carefully to ensure that the name of our members has not been included is other union's list.

We can understand the problem. The General elections to the Lok Sabha are in progress. In some states marriages are solemnoized. But at the same time we must also discharge this duty also with all our might.

We hope this will received the to most urgency.

With greetings'

Yours fraternally,

(S.S. Mahadevaiah)

General Secretary